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My research into finding a cure for


I worked too hard and worried too much, and I got too upset about things in life, and I was grief-stricken when I was bereaved. And then my doctor told me I'd got diabetes. This is how diabetes creeps up on you. See How to avoid catching the dreaded diabetes

But I knew that I had always had an odd metabolism, and that there were things I knew about it that were not known by medical science. I set about doing scientific research into curing the disease.

I could not be struck-off for such unorthodox research, because I'm not a doctor. I am a mad scientist, and I set about some experimentation into diabetes, with special emphasis on any methods that would not be in the realm of conventional medical study. I made some remarkable discoveries, and was still alive several months later, much to the surprise of some doctors who had predicted I'd be in a coma within two weeks.

I did a great many scientific tests and experiments, and I wrote computer programs which gave diagnostic results which I then used so as to be able to predict and control blood glucose to some extent. Timing and phasing gave a level of control which was considered alien to normal clinical method. My endocrinologist was very good about this and taught me quite a lot about the Islets of Langerhans and body chemistry, and was astounded at how I was continuing to survive despite not injecting insulin.

I continued with the research, and I discovered quite a lot of things which were not known to medical science. However, what I did not know was that I was being attacked by another disease, coeliac disease, which as it was undiagnosed was causing damage and affecting the results.

In the end I LOST, and am now on insulin injections. Some would say this was inevitable, but those who say that were predicting I would be ketoacidotic within two weeks (some estimates are as short as three days), and in the end I survived for FOUR YEARS without injecting insulin, and could sometimes achieve blood-glucose results which were as low as 4.0. So, I must have been onto something in the research.

It is my opinion that had things been a bit different (for example if I hadn't also been an undiagnosed coeliac as well) I might have actually cured diabetes!

One of the minor discoveries I found in the research was that it's possible to make reasonably accurate blood-glucose measurements by using urine-glucose measurement and some mathematics. The results are surprisingly accurate, well beyond the conventional medical opinion about the inaccuracy of urine-glucose tests. See Accurate blood-glucose calculation by Urine-Glucose Determination. (It's shareware, but please give me a credit!).