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DIY Beer

The days of Home Brew are back, if they ever really went! However, this time the process has been made a whole lot simpler by DIY Beer.

DIY Beer:

"The credit crunch means that consumers are more likely to be interested in products that can save them money more than ever before; DIY Beer Kits are one such product.

Targeted at people who have never made their own beer before, DIY Beer sells kits that make brewing beer at home quick and easy.

It's not quite as simple as just add water but almost!

The low price starter kits include everything required to make beer at home simply and quickly including the malt extract, the hops and the grain. There is no mess and no smell due to the closed production methods used.

Customers can purchase refill packs to make delicious Irish, German, Czech, Belgian, American, English and Scottish beer - there are seventeen different refills for the starter kit".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


DIY Beer

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