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Elite Horse Racing

Can you pick a losing horse at Elite Horse Racing? Yes, it's true. At Elite you actually bet to lose. Find out more below.

Elite Horse Racing:

"Elite Racing specialise in identifying losing horses that subscribers can then bet to lose on betting exchanges. This is known as laying and allows user to play the role of a bookmaker and offer odds on horses to other people on the site.

Elite simply text subscribers the names of the losing horses before 12pm on the day they race, and then it is up to the user how much they decide to 'lay' these horses off for.

We have an excellent strike rate of nearly 100% and have many satisfied punters worldwide; check out the testimonial section of our site to see how popular our service is, both here in the UK and as far a field as Australia!"

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Elite Horse Racing

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