ENIGMA(the video) click here to see actual screenshots: --- starburst - shuttlecraft - inside shuttlecraft

As they say at Enigma Films, "This was our first attempt at making a video, originally just as an experiment in combining models,small sets,location shooting and simulated explosions.

However,after reading an article in WHAT VIDEO magazine about the BRITISH AMATEUR VIDEO AWARDS, we decided to have a go.

With only about a week to go ,we hurriedly strung our individual experimental shots together into a storyline. Added the necessary live action parts (which admittedly was our weakest link),edited the lot onto a VHS tape, posted it off and went down the pub to laugh about it.

After a couple of months,the video arrived back and to our amazement we had achieved 'highly commended'.We had been marked down for our bad acting (no surprise there), but also for allegedly using too much 'found footage' (copying small pieces of professional video). Well this was ironic, because we had videod everything ourselves!

So we took it as a compliment and set to work on our next project 'INDIAN SUMMER'."