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And I will continue to not recommend Eurostar until Eurostar properly compensate me for the suffering I endured on a journey back to London some time ago.

I can forgive a railway company for a train being five and a half hours late. But I find it much harder to forgive discrimination against disability and various other things which I could go into much more detail about.

I'm also unimpressed by the ineffective "complaints procedure" at LTUC which appears to always support the train company and not the customer.

In my opinion, it would be better if the Channel Tunnel operation were to be opened up to competition by different service providers.

In comparative terms, flying is often cheaper, and faster. And the views are better! See Air France. Going by sea is cheaper, with much better views, and it's more easy-going. See P&O cross channel ferry

But, if you'd still like to travel through the Tunnel, you could have visited City Breaks (pre 2007). I won't be signing up to Eurostar's direct affiliate program until this is all sorted out. Customers, make your own minds up, and vote with your feet!

Extra note added on one year anniversary of the problem I have still not been compensated for!: Risk of terrorist attacks on Eurostar

Shame be upon you, Eurostar, if you thought that the individual does not matter!

Justice is seen in action here. If Eurostar had done the right thing I would now be PROMOTING Eurostar by an affiliate link here on a dedicated page saying how the company had respected the truth and the feelings of the customer!

Look, here's another shocking complaint about Eurostar and their mistreatment of passengers: 

----- Original Message -----
From: Mandy Dodd
To: Zyra
Sent: Friday, July 31, 2009 12:58 PM
Subject: Fw: Booking reference PNR / TFUOZT Matthew Dodd (18)

Hello, Zyra,
It seems as though you had a similar experience with Eurostar.  I think it may be good to have a sort of comments page added to your blog about Eurostar, for comments like mine.  Disability descrimination is not tolerated elsewhere so why is it rife in Eurostar?
Many thanks for an interesting and informative site, I have sent a copy of my message to the committee you recommended.
Thanks  Mandy

--- On Wed, 29/7/09, Mandy Dodd wrote:

From: Mandy Dodd
Subject: Fw: Booking reference PNR / TFUOZT Matthew Dodd (18)
To: traveller.care@eurostar.co.uk
Date: Wednesday, 29 July, 2009, 11:30 PM

Just to leave you with the fact that your staff were willing to force an 18 year old disabled boy to fend for himself on the streets of France with no phone, no money and in a state of high anxiety.  Is that what Eurostar wants to be?
Amanda Dodd

--- On Wed, 29/7/09, Mandy Dodd wrote:

From: Mandy Dodd
Subject: Booking reference PNR / TFUOZT Matthew Dodd (18)
To: traveller.care@eurostar.co.uk
Date: Wednesday, 29 July, 2009, 11:14 PM

Dear Sir,
I am writing to complain about the way my son was dealt with in France on his return to the UK at around 4pm today.
My son is 18 years old and carries a disabled railcard on travelling in this country as he has a disability called Asperger Syndrome.  He experiences high anxiety when put in situations of stress.  Having said this I am very proud of the way he conducted himself when this happened because he kept calm (though shaking visibly and in tears) and did not lose his temper or shout and swear.  He was treated to a 2 day break in Paris by a friends family.  They booked all the tickets at the same time through Eurostar and booked seats together both ways.
What Matthew did not realise was there had been a mistake on his tickets alone with the date being 27/08 going and 29/08 comig home.  The bar code did not work on the way going so he went to the manual check in gate.  They passed him through and he travelled with his friends to France and on to Paris.  Imagine his horror when on the return from France his friends all went through ok, and his ticket would not scan again (he did not see the date error as he had just been handed the ticket, let through in England and had no reason to doubt the return journey).  He was stopped.
He had taken enough money for the trip and had had to spend more money than he thought on the hotel room, so had nothing left on the return.  No credit card as he is too young to have one.  His phone had run out of credit and he could not speak to his friends as they were on the other side of check in.  The woman just said "no exchange go away" and kept repeating this.  He asked to talk to a manager or something (very sensible) but they kept repeating "go away from here no returns not my problem You are not supposed to be in the checkout area, he asked to speak to his friends and said "I have no money, no credit card, phone and my friend are leaving" To which she replied "that's not my problem you have to leave".  Finally he was so upset he found his way to a Eurostar office who listened to him for five minutes then just said 2 words "no exchange".
Matthew believed that his 2 days that he had so enjoyed in France had become his worse nightmare.  Alone, no money, in a country he did not know or speak the language, no way of contacting us or anywhere to sleep or stay.
Finally a man saw how upset he was and minutes before the train departed he said that as London had let him on the train they ought to let him go back home.  This was under great duress and he result of my son openly shaking and weeping.  He feels humiliated and scarred.
Mistakes happen.  It was not my son's fault, he did not even see the mistake, neither did the check in at London.  The tickets were  booked at the same time, he had no reason to know his was wrong.  To be told to go away?  They could not do anything? Why be so heartless?  They should have seen that London let him through and that he needed to go home.  They were prepared to make him go away and keep him prisoner in the country until the end of August.  Anything could have happened to him, and he was very very scared.  He has had alot of unpleasant things happen to him in his life but he says that this was by far the worst experience he has had.  Whatever happened to customer service and good old fashioned humanity?  He is a very young and vulnerable young man who deserved far better from Eurostar. This was our family's first experience of Eurostar, and we had been planning our own trip to France later this year,  however after this experience and his holiday ruined we will not be going.  I have Multiple Sclerosis and my son needed this break from all the worries at home and your staff have just undone all the good this holiday had done him PLUS it has given me more stress and worry because I got a phone call from his friends telling me he was being stopped from coming home.  Stress is not good for MS.  Stress is not good for Asperger/autism.  This should not have happened to anyone let alone my son. Please conduct a full investigation,
Yours sincerely  Amanda Dodd  

(message published online with the permission of the authors)

Whenever there's a problem on Eurostar, (and there often is), the company tries to pretend it's never happened before. Yet, we know that problems happen a lot. Plus, sooner or later, there is likely to be a death-toll associated with yet another Eurostar blunder.

In December 2009, yet another incident occurred, causing over two thousand people to be stranded underground, in the tunnel under the sea. Curiously the trains appeared to have no emergency lighting, not even for the safety signs. So, people were completely in the dark.

If you have been victim to one of these Eurostar disasters, you may be hoping for "a refund". But consider this: I was offered a full refund, and I was sent a cheque for considerably less than the amount. If you cash it, then legally Eurostar can get away with saying you've accepted it as a full refund. Well, that's what my lawyer said. My thought on this is, if Eurostar think they can get away with that sort of thing, people are likely to make alternative travel arrangements.

A while back, some people were stuck in the tunnel and nearly died of heat exhaustion. On another occasion, a fire started on a train and caused damage to the train and to the tunnel. This type of thing can only go on for so long before there's a major loss of life. The arrogance of Eurostar is reminiscent of something of a bygone age, possibly even like the events around the disaster of The Titanic. The sinking of the Titanic happened in the past, a long time ago. But for Eurostar, the major disaster with a huge death-toll is something which is YET TO HAPPEN.

I think it is only a matter of time before The Eurostar Disaster happens. When it happens, it will be a terrible tragedy, and as usual with these things people will wonder about how it could possibly have been predicted.

The seeds of doom are set, not in predestiny, but in the arrogant attitudes of the company. It is a disaster waiting to happen.