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Esso, Exxon, or Exxon Mobil, the well-known international oil company. Company symbol: Tiger. As in "put a tiger in your tank". Started out as Standard Oil, (S.O.) but soon realised this could be displayed as the word "Esso". Later, when this was discovered to mean "stalled car" in Japanese, the company put $2 million into researching a new name and decided upon EXXON, which doesn't mean anything else in any known language. (yes, but) The Exxon company has expanded and also includes Mobil, and has become one of the world's largest oil companies. The main official site is linked here: www.exxon.com , and there are others which we're going to add.

However, there is a problem. Exxon stand accused of environmental problems. Greenpeace have set up a site www.stopesso.org (gone) which criticises the company heavily. Are these allegations true? You make your own mind up about it. I have no reason to doubt the sincerity of the environmentalists, and if it is true that Exxon/Esso have tried to convince people that there is no such thing as global warming then that's NOT GOOD! Plus, on environmental issues, what's the true state of the company? Let's get a set of balanced views and links giving both sides of the story!

If you decide that you disapprove of what Exxon is doing, you can have a letter sent to them by the Stop Esso site, although when I looked at it (2003/01) I found I was expected to sign it before reading the letter!

Also, let's examine Exxon's attempt at "censorship" of the StopEsso site... Are they really trying to stop the free expression of views, or is it purely a matter that StopEsso have deliberately abused the Esso logo in order to get sued so they can then cry "censorship!"?

Then again, if it's true that Exxon really have campaigned against the Kyoto Agreement (which is a treaty to stop ruining the atmosphere quite so fast), then that's VERY POOR FORM. Anyway, it's not much to do with OIL, as oil is good stuff and far too useful to burn! Really, there should be a quite swift move away from burning fossil fuels and moving to higher-performance more ecological alternatives such as recyclable hydrogen, real alcohol (you can drink it too, but don't drive at the same time), regeneratable electricity, and a also some new developments. Meanwhile, keep oil for the higher-value manufacturing purposes which people may later regret it not being used for after it's all been used up!

Another thing, let's not be prejudiced or discriminatory against a company just because they are global capitalists. Money is power, and power can be used for good purposes.

If there is some wrongdoing, then let's see it examined properly and let those involved be judged on what they have done, not what other people might like to think they have done. It's important to judge for yourself what you think, and not be told what to think, whether it be the oil company or the environmentalists who are telling you what your opinion is! (I have even seen public posters of celebrities which have had speech-balloon stickers added saying "I'd rather be boycotting Esso", regardless of whether that is their opinion or not! Imagine if that was you who were famous and had words put into your mouth!). Then again, if Exxon are the diabolical evil which the StopEsso added devil-horns imply, is it true that ANY means are justified in bringing about the downfall of the company?

I'm not saying Exxon are innocent, but I think that if Exxon really were as bad as they are implied to be, then the witchfinding trial methods as seen at StopEsso would not be required. The actual facts and evidence would stand alone and the truth would be apparent. But that's only my idealistic notion of fair play. You make your own mind up. I'll link to various sites that may help, and will add links as needed:

www.exxon.com //// www.stopesso.org (gone) //// www.greenpeace.org

Esso.co.uk //// www.exxonmobil.com //// www.dontbuyexxonmobil.org (gone)

Various Esso environment news links (gone - was http://www.esso.co.uk/eaff/essouk/news_service/issues.html ) //// MORI poll: 53% of customers might boycott Esso - was http://www.mori.com/polls/2001/stopesso.shtml

Exeter Friends of the Earth: Pictures of protests - was http://www.eclipse.co.uk/exeter/foe/

Exxon Secrets.org - Exxon buys environmental research?

Esso.co.uk response to the Boycott Esso campaign - was http://www.esso.co.uk/eaff/essouk/news_service/response2.html

Another Exxon Protest

Exxon Giant Duck

ExxonMobil investing $100 million in climate energy technology? - was http://www2.exxonmobil.com/corporate/Newsroom/NewsReleases/xom_nr_201102.asp

Save the Tiger (was http://www.esso.co.uk/eaff/essouk/tigers/index.html ) //// Kyoto Protocol at unfccc.int

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It's best to keep a balance in this, (check for faulty addresses last performed 2012/06/20). It appears the environmentalists have (on average) better long-term duration on their deep linking than the petroleum company.

Of course OIL will run out. We will then see if Oil Companies have diversified enough into renewable resources to stay in business. Crude oil will expire, but alcohol with never run out. See alternafuel

It is irrelevant how much money Exxon makes, or how much tax the company pays or doesn't pay. Such criticisms are based on envy and communism. Let's concentrate of what good or evil the company does. Environmental issues are important, even if some people are in denial.

Other news: Exxon sued Minolta the camera company because the new Minolta Camera was called the Maxxum, and the logo had a "double cross" in it. They are not even in the same line of business!