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Farm Africa

A simple gift bought by you, can make all the difference to poor African farmer and his family. Visit Farm Africa and find out how you can help.

Farm Africa:

FARM-Africa provides the training and support that poor rural communities need to identify and implement appropriate solutions to many of the key problems they face. Families are directly supported to help work themselves out of poverty through improved ways to manage their crops, livestock, forests and access to water.

FARM Africa provides 3 unique ways of donating and helping this great cause:-

• Farm Africa Presents

• Farm Africa Friends

• Farm Africa ecards

FARM-Africa is a respected and trusted brand and organisation, and FARM FRIENDS has been a successful fundraising scheme for over 4 years – one of the pioneers of ethical giving.


http://www.farmfriends.org.uk/ affiliate program is with DGM PRO

FARM Africa Presents

• FARM-Africa PRESENTS allows you to personalise a film or send a photo gift your loved one demonstrating the virtual gift you have bought. It is only ethical giving product on the market of it’s type. A large number of charities offer ethical gifts, but nothing quite like this!

• Also incorporates more traditional gift pack option – choice of fulfilment avenues. link here

FARM Africa Friends

• FARM FRIENDS is one of the only ethical giving products where your loved one will receive a great gift pack instead of just a sticker or magnet. Our cute model animals and ‘Happy Families’ cards with information about our projects are deservedly popular!

• Part of a growing trend of ethical giving as more and more consumers become increasingly socially aware. link here

FARM Africa ecards

• Part of a growing trend of eco-conscious products. By sending an e-card consumers are cutting down on the amount of paper they use, helping to protect the forests.

• Seasonal and generic designs provide a wide range of choice

• Blank cards allow consumers to choose their own message depending on the occasion.

• The e-cards are interactive – the consumer can use their mouse to turn the pages like a real card

• Save time by sending the same card to multiple addressees at once

• Virtual fulfilment makes it an excellent ‘last minute’ option. link here

Farm Africa: "Our forestry projects in rural Africa – not just riding the crest of the eco giving wave – one of the pioneers with our original FARM-Friends scheme".

If you have been tempted by any of this, here's the link:


http://www.farmfriends.org.uk/ affiliate program is with DGM PRO

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