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Filofax UK

Most business people you know had a personal organiser once, but you may not know they are still around! Take a look below at what Filofax UK has to offer today.

Filofax UK:

"Filofax has the largest range of personal organisers and refills in the UK.

As Filofax is such a well-known brand, the word has become the generic term for personal organisers in the UK, much like Hoover is for vacuum cleaners and Sellotape is for adhesive tape.

Launched in 1921, today Filofax is contemporary and fashionable with exciting, colourful and diverse product ranges.

As a premium brand, Filofax offers a wide range of products:

- Personal organisersFilofax UK

- Bags

- Briefcases

- Leather Accessories (wallets, passport covers, purses)

- Pens, including the luxury brand Yard-O-Led

- Organiser accessories (calculators, mirrors, hole-punch)

- Paper and dated refills".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Filofax UK

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