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There was a time when people were finding Zyra's Site Index by search engines, but because search engines aren't perfect there was a problem where combinations of things on the site index showed up. As there are quite a lot of entries, this attracted a lot of interest! So, the idea was to have a FIND option. The first thing to do was to do an IN-PAGE search (on some browsers this was done by the options EDIT / Find (on this page) / and then type in what you were looking for).

This worked quite well, but there was an extra feature where you could write to find#zyra.org.uk and see if anything could be resolved. Unfortunately this didn't work out, as it attracted a lot more junk commercial e-mail than sensible questions. However, you are still welcome to write in and ask about the FINDING of anything.

Please be patient in waiting for a reply as there is quite a lot going on here and it's very difficult to keep up. But we'll do what we can! You are welcome to write to the address on the e-mail page and put in a FIND IT question.

In the meantime, there's also the How to Help This Site feature, and a Circular Newsletter which is worth subscribing to.

Update 2007/11: Although it would be difficult to answer everyone's questions individually, you may still get your question answered! If you have a really good question that a great many other people might find useful to have answered, then your question and the answer could become a page here at Zyra's website! ... Good Question