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Very Quiet FISH TANK

Fish tanks are such restful things, so soothing for the troubled mind. Watching the graceful fish quietly swim about, so therapeutic for the mind. An aquarium a temple of peace and composure of mind, in which your troubles float away. Unless that is, you happen to have a fish tank which makes a TERRIBLE NOISE and has a pump which buzzes away annoyingly and nearly drives you MAD! I've seen people being driven round the bend and not know why, and I've seen marriages nearly break up, and people having to have psychiatric help, and yet they never sussed it was the NOISY FISH TANK PUMP.

But help is at hand now, with this shareware invention, which cures the problem so you do not hear the pump at all, or hardly at all. It is a vast improvement. The result is quieter than even the most expensive "SILENT FISH PUMPS" I have seen.

How it's done: You keep the same noisy pump as you've got at present, but you hang it from the ceiling in a porch, shed, outhouse, patio, etc - somewhere where it is outside the house but can still be plugged in the mains, and it must be kept away from weather. A car-port or covered patio is ideal. The electricity is supplied to the pump in this out-of-the-way place, and then the AIR is carried from the pump to the fish tank by a very long plastic pipe. This can be bought at a cheap price per metre from an aquarium supply shop. The pipe is then fitted, from the pump to the fish tank, in much the same way as an electrician would fit a cable. In fact, if you don't fancy drilling holes in window-frames and putting cable clips in, get an electrician or a satellite/cable installer in to do the fitting. They'll also know where a good place to fit the pump would be, electrical connections and soundproofing considered.



When designing a system like this, there are a few points to make sure of: The design requires careful thought as there are a lot of different things to consider. The tube should not be TOO long. I have found that with a good pump, thirty feet horizontally is ok, but what would happen if it was 100ft horizontally is another matter. It has been suggested that for long runs, a wider bore of tube would improve efficiency, but I have found no problems even with very narrow tubing. The pump must be connected to the power, but must be SAFE. Also, wherever the pump is, it's going to be noisy, so careful choice is required there. Also the pump, wherever it is, should be HIGHER than the fish tank. Just a few feet higher will do. Never fit the pump LOWER than the height of the fish tank. It will still work, but if the pump fails it could seriously drain all the water out of the tank within a few hours, which could be disastrous and unexpected! I recommend hanging the pump from a piece of string or rubber on the ceiling as this will make it higher but also it will make it QUIETER as no vibration will be transferred to a surface. Don't let the string catch on anything as it may wear thin with the vibration.

Special note: This system of having a very quiet fishtank is for indoor fishtanks typically with goldfish or tropical fish and an AIR pump. We are not talking here about marine fish with a huge water circulator pump that's got to go below the tank, but more the kind of thing with a little aerator from which air bubbles come up, usually decorated as a shell, diver, treasure chest, or other plastic item in an underwater theme. Fish tank air pumps are typically less than six inches across, and can easily be hung by a string, with the thin transparent plastic air tube going down to the fish tank.

Good luck with installing QUIETNESS to your fish tank.

If you like this idea, feel free to explore the continuous unusualness at this site: [response]

Since the invention of this idea it has saved a great many nerves wearing thin and has gone some way to restoring the reputation of FISH as restful and pleasant pets to have. For the good of humanity, and to make money out of this brilliant but unpatentable idea, this invention is declared to be SHAREWARE, and if you'd like to make a voluntary contribution, please send what you think it's worth to: Zyra, c/o the shareware office address. Cheques payable to Zyra Electric.

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