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The right to advertise on your site is reserved by freenetname, so you might suppose you will get advertisements splurged across your site. This is not what has been found by experience. It may simply be that freenetname uses your unused domain to advertise themselves before you put your site in place. According to best advice so far it appears that the company has no plans to make money by selling advertising but is quite happy to provide a service and make money out of the local-rate phone calls.

You should read the smallprint, the terms & conditions, but that's true of anything you sign up to.

One of the conditions of the freenetname contract is that if you move your domain to a different service provider you have to pay 94 (which covers what it has cost the company to buy YOU that domain in the first place). This does NOT mean that you have to pay if you just "give up", and is as far as I can interpret it only if you wish to keep the same domain name and take it to a different service provider.

Let's just mention this again, because it is VERY IMPORTANT; You should read the terms & conditions! Freenetname has come in for criticism from some people who thought they would be able to get a free domain and transfer it for a minimal fee. The 94 transfer fee condition has never been hidden, and the company does not make money out of domains!

If you set up a site and then neglect it for three months you are assumed to have moved to somewhere else, and can be charged for reconnection. However, if you are ill, or have some other good reason, you can inform Customer Services in advance and they will then keep the site active for you.

Maximum web space is 20 megabytes and is a set limit. Also, the rule is "only one domain per household", which means "one domain" per address, although several households or addresses can share one phone line. The condition is there, presumably, to stop some people being greedy. Remember, domains actually cost the company to get in the first place.

The LINUX situation is that it is possible to connect to freenetname using information that can be found on the CD or by contacting Technical Support. If you've got a PC they expect you to use Microsoft operating systems. Pity. But it's hoped there will be progress towards a Unix-based way of doing things. After all, the big machine at freenetname runs Unix. Having said that, the Mac is catered for. (And there are now (2005) more Linuxes than Macs!)

Unmetered calls are being looked into, but this will not be on BT Surftime, but on an alternative system. They hoped to have this available by early 2001, but it is taking a bit longer than expected. What's delaying it is not freenetname's fault - it's to do with things in phone exchanges!

Other issues are dealt with in the fnn page.

For more information phone freenetname themselves on freefone 0800 376 6920 uk National rate 0870 909 0586 uk

There was an actual link to www.freenetname.co.uk here!

Once again, this page is the personal opinion of some of the users of the service provided by freenetname.co.uk.

The information here is to the best of our knowledge correct, and we are not to be held liable for it, and if you can see any mistakes they can be corrected

NEWS as of 2000/12/01: Freenetname suspended the admission of any new members. Whilst it's easy to assume ZYRA has done too good a job of recommending them, and they have become FULL because of that, it is suspected that the problem is that some members have CHEATED by having more than one application per household (like FIFTY per household!). Let's hope this can be resolved and then we can get back to putting in more recommendations.

NEWS as of 2001/11/08: Still no new accounts, but this page and the fnn page have been updated to take into account changes that have taken place at freenetname.

NEWS 2002/09/24: We're no longer at Freenetname! Why's that then? See UPDATE

NEWS 2005: Good news! I have heard that Freenetname will now be accepting new account sign-ups, free, complete with a free domain name!

Update 2008: Freenetname have been taken over by Madasafish, and the old links to www.freenetname.co.uk redirected to that ISP. Mad As A Fish are known as The Friendly ISP, and they certainly seem to be. However, there's no news on whether they'll be giving away free domains anymore.