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Free Arab Republic

The New Name for "Saudi Arabia"

The oppressive no-freedom dictatorship known as Saudi Arabia needs to be overthrown. This would be best done by a popular uprising. There have already been some promising developments in the the Tunisia Revolution , and in Egypt , and Libya, and then in Syria, places where old-style religious dictatorships got away with oppression for many decades and where then overthrown. However, Saudi Arabia is a worse case of the problem, and it's compounded by the support which the tyranny receives from the USA and the UK because of oil.

The term "Saudi Arabia" means "Arabia the property of the House of Saud". It's assumed that the country and its people are the personal property of the kings of that dynastic family. Arabia - extentThis notion might at some point be counter to the wishes of the people, who could do with regime change to something better.

The West would still like to continue buying oil, until it runs out. They'd be as happy to buy it from the people as from the dynastic family. Either way, the money from the country's natural resource, oil, needs to be used for improving the quality of life of the people.

The quality of life of the people is a sore point, because the people live under a cruel restrictionist regime where they don't have much freedom. Also, the country's legal system treats women as second-class citizens, which is against international laws that the country has signed up to.

If the House of Saud were to be overthrown, the country would no longer be "Saudi Arabia", "Arabia the personal property of Saud". The country would need to be renamed. So how about the Free Arab Republic?!

It's especially important that it IS free after the revolution. Some places where they have a revolution have not thought ahead and decided on what sort of constitution to have After the Revolution

At least the USA, despite it's present-day faults, did at least have the advantage of having a decent pro-freedom Constitution drawn up at the time of the revolt!

Here are a few suggestions for items to include in the new Constitution of the Free Arab Republic:

* Gender Equality.a possible Free Arab Republic Flag?

* Freedom of Speech.

* Freedom of religion (including freedom to practice religion of your own choice, freedom to give up religion, and freedom from religion).

* Freedom of personal appearance.

* Freedom from persecution, bigotry, corruption, prejudice.

* Right to education.

You might wonder if "democracy" would be a good thing to have in a constitution. It sounds a good idea, but the trouble is that the majority of people are uneducated and stuck in the bad old culture. So, it might arguably be better to have a benign dictatorship that enforces those rights and freedoms and insists everyone is free, rather than let people have a democratic decision to chuck away freedom to support some fanatical religious party.

Anyway, here is a set of links to resources on the Internet showing various things about the bad old pre-revolution Saudi Arabia...






























...and others which will be added!

If enough people living in Saudi Arabia want to get rid of the cruel dictatorship and put something better in its place, it will happen. Don't expect the USA to help, because the US government supports the cruel regime, and would only intervene if it thought the fall of the government was inevitable.

Attribution share-alike map courtesy of http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=File:Saudi_Arabia_%28orthographic_projection%29.svg&page=1

Flag, just a suggestion. Bright pink might not be everyone's choice, but at least it's not the green of religious oppression which various extremists would like. Symbol: Looks a bit like a palm tree but also a bit like an oil gusher. Dates and oil being the country's main assets.