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www.freefiliate.com now moved to www.fusionquest.biz

In their own words "FusionQuest is a full featured and easy to use affiliate tracking service. It is web based and there is no download required. Take it for a free test drive and cash in on the affiliate bonanza! Get your affiliate program set up today in minutes...for free!"

and they also add "Supports 2-tier programs and prescreening - Shopping Cart Included -- Over 10000 affiliates in network No limit on number of affiliates! No commission taken on affiliate payments!"

There was a snag a while back where you you were expected to join PayPal, but they have solved this now. Note: You don't have to join PayPal. It is not compulsory. You can instead come to an agreement with all the merchants individually.

If you're in business for a BIG e-commerce solution, involving optional shopping carts and special merchant features, here's a special link: Big Offers - was http://www.fusionquest.com/bulk.shtml?zyra

Merchants included Transgendered.net , Girltalk Magazine , Hempmasters , Lady Bwear , Mystic Merchant , and VitaminWay

Link here to go to FusionQuest! - was http://www.freefiliate.com/cgi-bin/main/hit.pl?client=freefiliate&aflt=zyra

New announcement (2003) - SEO-enabled affiliate links! UltraLinks / Ultra-Affiliate Software!

Update 2010: FusionQuest / Freefiliate now seems to have been taken over by Share-a-Sale