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Freedomland Internet TelevisionINTERNET TELEVISION

Freedomland, the Internet TV company, says: "Freedomland is Europe’s largest provider of Internet TV. We enable our customers to access the Internet via their existing TV set with the minimum of fuss and cost. For a subscription of just 6.99 per month (plus the cost of local dial-up charges), they gain access to the wide range of content available on the Freedomland portal and are also able to browse the whole of the web."

Following the concerns of Zyra in the write-up "Beware of Internet TV", it has now been checked and verified that Freedomland Internet TV can indeed load such sites as www.zyra.org.uk and is therefore the Internet mentioned is the entire Internet and not just a restricted set as has been observed in some (though not all) Internet TV providers.

Solve the mystery of Internet TVHere's some more from Freedomland themselves: "Supported by the latest set-top box technology, Freedomland is expanding rapidly in Germany, Spain, and the UK following its launch in Italy. The company mission is to make the Internet accessible to all. Freedomland now has some of the UK's top expertise in re-purposing PC web content for Internet TV - we are dedicated to promoting the web on TV and look forward to helping e-commerce partners, sponsors, and content owners in their re-purposing for Internet TV."

Incidentally, on this "re-purposing" bit, a lot of websites that are written properly are AnyBrowser compatible and will work on Internet TV anyway. The sorts of things that don't work are where there's too many JavaScript flashy bits!

OK, that's the truth as I see it. Now have a look for yourself and see what you think!


www.freedomlandonyour.tv affiliate program was with UkAffiliates.com By the way, Well Done to Freedomland for having a .TV domain!

News 2003/08: The affiliate program was discontinued, so we phoned FREEDOMLAND to see about a new arrangement. They promised to phone back but failed to. This happened at least four times, so we can now conclude that it is a Freedomland company policy to promise to phone and then to not do so. Therefore, as a consequence of this, for potential customers, here's our NEW RECOMMENDATION:

1. Buy a secondhand computer (typical cost: 100)

2. Sign up with an ISP and have an unmetered access Internet connection for 10/month or less! NO CALL COSTS.

Meanwhile, Freedomland, if you'd care to e-mail or phone us we may be able to sort out a new amicable arrangement. Always good for business here! You've got our phone number. You've written it down plenty of times.