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The Zyra's Bazaar FREE MOUSE offer

In addition to the free keyboard if you turn up, you now get a FREE MOUSE if you buy more than one cubic foot of stuff.

I'd like to sell off a large amount of stuff as it will make it easier for me to emigrate. Shipping container space is at a premium, and it costs so-much per cubic foot. There is quite a lot of electronic junk for sale, and you get a free keyboard just for turning up and having a poke over it.

Now by remarkable luck a quantity of basic computer MICE have become available. These are being given away free subject to the reasonable condition that you buy at least one cubic foot of stuff and take it away.

This is not a great offer, but it is something for nothing, and it should help to sell the stuff. Zyra's Bazaar has a lot more items than are on the list. You really should see it.

Reasonable terms and conditions applying to this free mouse offer at the time are:

1. You get one mouse for the first cubic foot of stuff you buy. It's a logarithmic scale, so you have to buy ten cubic foot to get a second free mouse, 100 cubic foot for the third, etc. Yes, it is true; a buyer of the old post van for sale will be offered four mice, as it's about a thousand cubic ft.

2. The offer applies to purchase of any kind of stuff, even if it's nothing to do with computers.

3. Only one set of mice are given away per day. If you'd like to buy additional mice, they are 2 each. Surely no-one's going to grumble at that?!

4. No cash alternative. Let's not be silly about it.

These free mice are secondhand and are "as seen", but we have very little reason to doubt them. They don't come with a guarantee, but you can test them if you like or take a risk. We are assured that "although they are not optical mice, they do have green plugs on"! In fact, they each have a diddy PS2 plug, not a serial port plug. They are available in white/cream/off-white or black/grey. Some have three buttons and some have two. Some even have a wheel. There's a plug, a cable, and a mouse. That is what you get.

The offer exists while stocks last, but at the time of writing there are still several boxes full of mice.

You choose your mouse, plug it in and test it. Testing is recommended as they were wet when they arrived.

The reason for the offer is to help to promote the electronic junk for sale, the fruit machine spares, and other interesting stuff on Zyra's Bazaar list. If you have a computer, it's a good idea to have a spare mouse in case the computer mouse you've been using for years starts to misbehave and you haven't got the patience to clean a mouse and you end up venting wrath upon the aforementioned mouse. Mice can also be finished off by being dropped in the fishtank, or if someone plays marbles with the ball and loses it, or for various other reasons. So, get a spare mouse!

Also see Free Keyboard just for turning up. Note: I can afford to be more generous with keyboards because they take up more room.