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Funky Lenses
Fashion contact lenses which you can actually get!

Now here's something a little bit different: Vivid coloured contact lenses with extraordinary patterns, available for you to wear as a fashion-statement. Funky EyesThat which was previously sci-fi can now be stalking the streets.

The basic story (2009) behind funkylenses is:Funky Eyes

“Funkylenses” is a brand new business in the world of coloured contact lenses. It is the natural progression from the old four eyez fashion business, whereby all of the team at four eyez decided to get together and pursue their own business and strive to create a better product; both in terms of quality and design!Funky Eyes

The funky lenses team have years of manufacturing experience in the field, and are now successfully producing and selling some of the best lenses that have ever been sold outside of the Hollywood make up scene!

We are very proud to also announce the brand new range of UV lenses, a first once again in the coloured lens world. The lenses are truly amazing and really glow under an ultraviolet light, for example in a nightclub scenario!!!Funky Eyes

Funkylenses is a natural progression from the old outdated four eyez brand. We are now using our newest dyes and technology to give the wearers the eyes they deserve and crave!!!

We are sure you’ll love our Funky Eyesfunky lenses – more than any other lens out there! Give them a try!

The fashion contact lenses shown on this page are merely a selection from the full range, which can be seen at the official site. The full range includes panther and cat eyes, gothic black and stark white, and a variety of curious patterns.

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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