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So now here is a page of web stuff about the Tate Modern Art Gallery. The thing about site design is that a page has a front appearance which is there for all to see, and there's also...

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Well recommended! Even if you don't like Modern Art. (In fact especially worth visiting if you DON'T like Modern Art). The admission being FREE means you can visit the place without any commitment, and MAKE YOUR OWN MIND UP.

Preconceptions about an art gallery being by necessity an ancient classic building with fine but unexciting paintings on the walls can be DISPELLED on visiting the Tate Modern. It's a recycled building, a vast power station somewhat like the one Pink Floyd used for an album cover. Gives the impression from the inside of the Turbine Hall of being like the inside of a Borg cube starship. The electric humming sound on the lower deck is not just a perception of art but is because there is still some of the gear from the power station running there.

Modern Art isn't as silly as some people think. But some of it is easier to understand than other. But on actually seeing and experiencing modern art first-hand there is something that is not obvious, that it is VERY IMPRESSIVE. Works of art are very big, or shocking, or of strong impact on the mind. It's like a FUNFAIR OF THE MIND where from the ground it isn't obvious why being taken up there and spun around like that would be fun, but when you go and do it, THEN you can see, because it actually IS fun! Art does this to the mind, acting on aspects of thought which are diverse.

For a hands-on close-up look at art, visit!

the TATE MODERN web site

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