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Gambling Machines

Slot machines, fruit machines, gambling machines, one-armed bandits, - these are coin-operated devices for the purpose of gambling. People put money in, hoping to win, and sometimes they win, but on average it is the machine that wins. Because of this, owning a gambling machine is profitable.

There is one true way to win on the gambling machines: Be the owner of the machine!

A few other things to know about slot machines are included at this site: Firstly, if you are the owner of a fruit machine it might be thought to be true that you could change the odds apparently in your favour by making an adjustment in the back of the machine, but the situation isn't that simple! See adjustment misconception. Also, it's a good idea to have contacts for slot machine spares in case you need some spare parts. Interestingly, as well as the practicality, the glass is quite collectable.

This site is about many things, and it isn't a gambling machine parts supplier's warehouse, so you may have to be patient if you would like some spare parts. Many of the useful bits have been acquired by salvage as a sideline to burning gambling machines to save money

There is a particularly strong line in the salvaging of GLASS from slot machines. These decorative front panels are attractive mini gambling shop windows which are works of art in themselves. Recycled, they make good talking points as glass coffee tables or wall hangings. A great many of these are available if you contact Zyra's Bazaar

As well as this page being about physical gambling machines, heavy appliances that they are, it wouldn't be complete without a mention of the fact that "slot machines" or "slots" take a virtual form at online casinos online these days. (see Gambling). These are virtual, but to some extent the "real" gambling machines are also virtual! Those spinning reels are not going round by random momentum but are precisely controlled by a computer inside the machine. However, they are random, the chance being introduced inside the virtual world of the machine's internals.

For this and other reasons, the idea that you can win on a slot machine by putting a big magnet on it, is false. It's a tempting notion to believe, but the science revealed by opening up a gambling machine to reveal the electronic nature of the "mechanism" shows the fact to deny the belief.

Amusement machines are available from many suppliers worldwide, for example Eastern Automatics, in Lincolnshire. There are some notable specialist gambling machine websites, for example www.fruit-machine-sales.co.uk and www.fruit-machine-sales.com

The term "one-armed bandit", often shortened in rural areas to "bandit", refers to an early design of gambling machines where instead of the whole machine being computerised, it was essentially a mechanical device. This would be powered by the gambler pulling a large straight handle on the right hand side of the machine. The mechanism would then operate, as if wound up like clockwork, and the reels would spin and produce a reasonably random result. As the machines invariably had one such handle or arm, and as the usual outcome of the gambling would be that the machine kept the money, the gambling machines were termed "one armed bandits".

The term "Fruit Machine" came into use as the reels on gambling machines often depicted different types of fruit. On a three reel machine, if three similar fruit lined up, it would be a winning combination. More often, two fruit would line up, which would not be a win, but would give the impression that it might nearly have been a win, so encouraging having another go!

If this review isn't quite what you were expecting, you are welcome to "Have another go" by having a look at other curious and odd things at the site index. Also available in random order at the random index!

Virtual Gambling-Machines are available online, often termed SLOTS, via such websites as GB Slots , Slot Magix and anything under the heading "slots" at various Online Casinos

Update: There is now a category at this site, Virtual Online Gambling Machines: SLOTS