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Gamer is a shop which sells computer games and hardware.

Gamer is an online internet shop (they have stores in the real world as well) that specialises in computer games for PCs, Playstation, XBox, Gamecube, Gameboy and Dreamcast.

Gamer also sell hardware for the games to run on and the peripherals and upgrades to make them run faster, from a mere mouse to the fanciest video card. In the words of the staff at GAMER when talking about what products they use themselves "gives you a major advantage over the rest of the competition in online gaming."

There is a whole section with links to news and reviews of games, cheats, patches, demonstrations and even freebies! As well as new products, they also sell pre-owned (i.e. second hand) items.

Branching out from games, they have a section dedicated to DVD movies.

Gamer provide on line purchasing and tracking of your orders.

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


http://www.gamer.uk.com affiliate program is with themselves.

Note: Tracking link http://www.gamer.uk.com/cgi-bin/aff_jump.cgi?uid=zyra found to be not working (2005/08). On further checking, domain has gone! Unfortunate. But instead, see other games and DVD shops