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Fine Jewellery and Watches

In the words of GemShine: "GemShine is a fine jewellery and watches website which counts with the support of the De Beers Group for all Diamond related jewellery. GemShine works only with jewellers members of the De Beers Carat Club, who act as providers of the product. You will have an exact idea of what are you buying due to our multi-image system: each piece is photographed several times under different angles. We do not support unnecessary infrastructure and are therefore able to pass substantial cost savings to our customers. Purchasing your jewellery or watches (we trade every single watch from every brand) from us you will benefit from buying in an enormous shop without leaving your desk; choosing among a practically unlimited inventory; learning all you like about the piece you are going to buy and paying highly competitive prices.

Gemshine is an Anglo-Spanish firm, whose aim is to sell top class jewellery and watches through the web. It is a Limited Liability Company whose shareholders are widespread over the UK, Spain, Germany and Austria. Its top Management is a group of professionals with a broad experience in jewellery, marketing and finance. This allows us to manage the three pillars of the business: the product, the consumer and the company."

Or, to put it another way, en Español, "GemShine es una empresa angloespañola fundada en septiembre del 2000 que tiene por objeto la venta de joyas y relojes de la gama más alta a través de internet. Reviste la forma de Sociedad Anónima española (S.A.) y sus accionistas están repartidos entre el Reino Unido, España, Alemania y Austria. Sus directivos son profesionales con una dilatada experiencia en el campo de la joyería, el marketing y las finanzas, es decir, las tres vertientes del proyecto: el producto, el consumidor y la empresa."

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