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GetMapping can provide you with aerial photography, being the creators of the Millennium Map. Here's what they say about it... "Getmapping has created the most comprehensive and detailed aerial photo covering the UK, known as the Millennium Map" and adds that you can buy "its imagexpress digital aerial images popular amongst professional customers" and "aerial certificate popular amongst general consumers."

More about Getmapping plc... "The company now known as Getmapping plc was established in November 1998 specifically to produce and market the first complete, full-colour, digital, aerial photographic map of the UK.GetMapping.com This 'Millennium Map' has revolutionised the usage and cost of high quality aerial photography by making it widely available in digital formats to both the professional user and to the general public. The company is quoted on the Alternative Investment Market.

For consumers, there is the aerial photo print. This is a unique personalised aerial photo that features the aerial view of the customer's choice. The customer can then personalise it with their own message -all online. This is possibly the most unusual gift around.GetMapping.com

Alternatively, Getmapping's imagexpress is the fastest way to obtain digital copies of any 1/2km by 1/2km section of the Millennium Map. It is also sent in hours straight to the desktop. This service is in great demand by property professionals, graphic designers the general public amongst many others."

So, to sum it up, affordable available aerial photography.

To find out more about this, here's the link...

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