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Gizoo - gadgets, gifts, and gizmosGIZOO

Gadgets, Gifts, and Gizmos

Gizoo: "Gizoo has a fantastic selection of what's sexy, slick, smart and funny in the world of lifestyle gadgets and accessories. We're constantly updating our product range to keep it fresh and current".

"Gizoo is an established and much-loved brand - we've served over 180,000 customers so far". - that was in 2007, so it's probably a lot more by now!

"Not only do we have great products and a brilliant website, we're also keen on saving the environment! we were recently voted the Online Green Awards 'Small Retailer of the Year' for our efforts to save the planet. We've got some great 'Eco-Friendly' products on our site which are currently some of our best-sellers.'" - ok, so modesty isn't their strong point, but you can see for yourself it's pretty good. Plus, I am well chuffed to have been asked to include the place here.

It's nice about the idea of a gadget shop with an environmental conscience. So indeed "you can feel quite good about yourself too!"

Have a look for yourself and see what Gizoo.co.uk can do for you. Here's the link:Gizoo - gadgets, gifts, and gizmosGizoo - gadgets, gifts, and gizmos


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