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Global Magazines

Global Magazines

Britain's Foreign Magazine Specialist!

Now you can read your favourite foreign magazine in the comfort of your own home, by having it delivered to your door by Global Magazines.

Global Magazines:

"Global Magazines makes it possible for UK citizens to subscribe to their favourite magazines from overseas.

Delivery is frequent, fast and reliable. Our magazines are popular and now very affordable.

Global Magazines is the only company in the world solely specialized in the delivery of international magazine subscriptions, newspapers and journals.

We deliver publications in all countries of the world except in the country where the publication comes from.

Our clientbase is located in each country of the world.

Currently about 25,000 titles are available of which many are in high demand but normally hard to get in the UK, if at all!"

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Global Magazines

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