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The Glow Company

The GLOW Company

For practically anything that glows, it has to be The Glow Company. You've seen our glowing page, take a look at their amazing site!

The GLOW Company!The Glow Company

"About The Glow Company UK Ltd.

The Glow Company UK are dedicated in offering innovative, practical & fun products that glow, flash, shine or glow in the dark. We aim to The Glow Companyconstantly provide new products based on various forms of current & new technology including chemicaluminescence, photoluminescence, & electroluminescence.

We offer a widening range of glow products to members of the public & also wholesale glow novelties to the events, fundraising & party markets. Our customers include Warner Brothers 'Charlie & the Chocolate Factory', BBC, ITV, Hatrick Productions, Endemol (Big Brother etc) Universities, Schools & PTA's to name a few.

The Glow CompanyGlow Products & Safety Issues:

All products supplied by The Glow Company UK meet or exceed all UK standards - other suppliers may offer a similar price but we strive to supply high quality. Many suppliers in the UK at present are selling glow products such as glowsticks & glow necklaces etc that contain a banned chemical called Di-butyl phthalate or DBP - this chemical is banned in the EU due to its effects on human development & reproduction amongst other health issues. All glow products The Glow Companysupplied by The Glow Company UK Do Not contain this chemical - we pay more to ensure our customers safety & pride ourselves in supplying good quality products.

The Glow Company UK Limited strive to ensure that you are happy with our glow products and also your on-line shopping experience. If you have any suggestions, comments, questions or requests please contact The Glow Company UK using the 'contact us' email form - we will be glad to hear from you!"The Glow Company

"Established in 2003, The Glow Company is the UK's authority on all things glow and boasts a huge portfolio of innovative glow products that range from day to day practical items to the slightly more unusual. Focused on providing unique, practical and fun products that glow in the dark, flash or shine, specialist features include eclectic home lighting, night lights, solar garden lighting, glow gadgets, children's lighting, glow clothing and the largest choice of stringlights in the UK. The Glow Company is also the home of the iconic lava lamp alongside a wide range of colourful moodlights.The Glow Company

The Glow Company's programme gives a generous 12% commission rate to affiliates, who can expect a first rate, friendly service and all the help required to gain excellent results.

Please note that The Glow Company operates in the UK only".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here to Go to The Place!

The Glow Company

The Glow Company

Glow.co.uk (previously www.theglowcompany.co.uk) affiliate program is with Affiliate Window. Welcome Back! It's great to have The Glow Company back again at this site!