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Your Own Do-It-Yourself Search Box !

This page detailed the instructions on how to make your own customised search box, and this was OK until Gobango disappeared. The text is kept for historical reference, but it's no longer valid.

Instead, see other search engines, and other html tricks

In this do-it-yourself guide, I will explain how you can customise a Gobango search box so you can make yourself look as if you are a search engine.Yes, you too can make yourself look like a Search Engine!

Yes, what about Gobango? Aren't they going to grumble about it? Isn't it a breach of copyright and against trademark rules etc? NO. I'm in touch with those friendly people at Gobango, and they have cleared it as OK! Apparently, what's most important from a Gobango perspective is that plenty of searching is done, not that the Gobango logo is always up front!


1. Take the HTML code below and cut&paste it into your own webpage.

2. Create your own logo and save it in your website as an image (.jpg , .gif , ,png etc). Small sizes are best for this. Ideally 150x30 pixels.

3. Substitute the part of the HTML shown as red, replacing it with the name of your logo-image.

4. You can also substitute the align="right" (shown in green here) with other kinds of align such as left, and center etc to alter to position of the search-box on the screen, and you can also alter the sizes of the box and the image by carefully adjusting the heights and widths (shown in blue).


<p><form method="GET" action="http://www.gobango.com/webapp/gobango/servlet/GoSearch"><input type="HIDDEN" name="affiliateid" value="207"><table bgcolor="#ffffff" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" align="right"><tr><td height="40" width="160"><img src="button.gif" border="0" alt="Gobango Custom-Search" width="150" height="30"></td><td><input type="TEXT" name="keyword" size="20" maxlength="40"></td><td width="40" align="right"><input type="IMAGE" name="Image1" src="http://www.gobango.com/images/go.gif" border="0" alt="Click to Search" height="21" width="36"></td></tr></table></form></p>


Your own search-box, with your own company name, personal image, etc in. This looks quite snazzy, and some companies make a lot of show of this sort of thing! Your customers will be able to use your customised search-box to find relevant results, which will be provided for you, without you having to go to the trouble and expense of building your own search engine.


The results are exactly as they would be if you used a Gobango search box. I am an affiliate of Gobango, and I get paid a small commission for helping to promote Gobango Search. If you customise a search box and put it on your website, you'll be helping my site as well as Gobango. It's one of these things where we all do quite well out of it.

There were some examples of customised search-boxes here, but there hardly seems any point in leaving them up now the whole thing has disappeared.

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