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Emperor Mines was

Whelan's Gold Mining and Exploration Inc.


Beaconsfield (Australia)


Claimstaker (Canada) (was

Yatela and others at AngloAmerican - was

PacMin (Australia) (was


Conquest (South Africa) (was

Otter (New Zealand) (was

El Dorado (Alaska) (was

Phoenix (was

Sixteen to One (California)

Homestake (was

Yanacocha (was (Peru)

Primrose (South Africa)

High River (was

Avocet (Malaysia and UK)

Claude Resources (Saskatchewan)

Plus, did you know there are gold mines in the UK? For example Dolaucothi in Llanwrda, which is a tourist attraction open to visitors. See - and if you would like to get a discount, join The National Trust

Gold Mine, not to be confused with Golden Mine which is an online wedding shop!

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Gold Mine owners please note that you may have your position on the list improved by affording to make relatively modest payments to the PRESTIGIOUS LIST (See How the order of this list is arranged)

More Underground Interest here