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Google Flawed

The many faulty assumptions of search engine Google

Google might pretend it's "In Google We Trust" on the banknotes, and that Google is God, but the fact is, Google is not. Google is most notably NOT INFALLIBLE. This was proven with the case of the Mystery of Stamp Demon. This is not merely a proof that Google doesn't get things right; it is a proof that although Google stands in judgement upon everyone, it makes severe errors of judgement and applies INJUSTICE. For this reason, it's not to be trusted with absolute powers of judgement. Quite simply, it makes mistakes, and then tries to bully you into taking the blame. The nonsense at Google's webmaster guidelines is like a headmasterly patronising accusation that YOU are to blame for everything. But this goes against the obvious fact that the judge in question is severely at fault.

Google is also flawed in the various bad policies. For example, the bad idea that short-termist temporary stuff is somehow a better than long-term reliable ongoing content. If Google was in the furniture business, cheap MFI chipboard would be judged better than Chippendale. Google's policy is nonsense! They call it "freshness". Well, if you think freshness is always good, take a good look at some fresh horse manure that's just been pooed onto the road. That's FRESH, and it will be no good for the roses until it's had plenty of time to go off. A variety of other gardening analogies are also appropriate, because NEW isn't always GOOD. Plus, you should garden as if you are going to live forever.

Google is also flawed in having an assumption that video is better than text. Nonsense, obviously, and anyone with a grain of sense can see that. What compounds this error is that it's being made by a company whose main line of business requires examining web content. Text, it can do. But video, it has no hope of doing.

Google also prefers paid spam ads to organic search. This is suicide for a search engine. Organic Search is what got Google to the height of fame, and it's now being scuppered. Let's hope other search engines don't make this mistake or they'll be out of business.

Google's inferior quality search results, with various irrelevant nonsense, is without excuse. It makes no sense at all. Incidentally, Google paid ads, I have found, almost invariably go to irrelevant places that don't even sell the things they claim on the ads.

Google used to be so good, and now it is becoming the laughing-stock of the world. It used to be very few people would criticise Google,but now look at the number of people who are criticising Google on the long list at the end of the page about Google

I am Zyra, and I have been running my website for the past twelve years. My site has over nine thousand pages, and yet Google doesn't respect that, and instead considers temporary short-termist nonsense more important. Well, I have a response to that... Stuff Google!