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Green Fingers: A person described as "having green fingers" is someone who has a near-magical ability at gardening. Green Fingers.com is an online garden supply company. In the words of Green Fingers themselves: "Greenfingers is the UK’s leading internet and mail order garden company, with a fantastic range of inspirational products, Christmas trees and gifts for garden lovers.

The Greenfingers website is full of information, expertise and shopping opportunities to give you inspiration and ideas for your garden, whether you have a house in the country, a city garden, a window-box or a pot-plant in your bathroom. With the accessibility and interactivity the Internet can offer we aim to help people find what they need, just when they need it with as much ease and convenience as possible. On the Greenfingers website, you will find 150 “how to” workshops, George’s surgery (people can email questions to the professional Gardeners Guild), a database of UK gardens and nurseries, and a plant finder.

Launched in April 2000, Greenfingers has won the inaugural Website of the Year from the Garden Writers’ Guild and was rated in the top five websites evaluated in an independent report by the Javelin Consultancy.

We've not simply put a garden centre online. We are passionate about the range of content that we offer that provides information and advice before you purchase. And we offer a vast array of plain-English, purpose-built gardening information as well as many features to encourage the exchange of advice between gardeners.

Since we launched in April 2000 we have expanded from internet only to being truly multi-channel. In October 2000 we published our first printed catalogue and we now publish four each year: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Christmas. You are able to order via any of four channels - internet, telephone, fax or post.

We're also determined to look after our customers, whether you come to us to shop, for advice, for inspiration, or for information. To this end we work closely with our customer services partner, Braidgrove, who are based near Inverness in Scotland, aiming to make the Greenfingers experience as rewarding and enjoyable as we possibly can."

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