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The Gubunco Company was founded on the 12th of January 2002 at 00:42 by Zyra and is an entirely fictitious company which was invented for the purpose of making it possible to have a TEMPLATE so that the members of the club of my estate could easily build dedicated affiliate pages, with the option of double-isolated linking. This is being done so that my business will still go on making money even when I've been frozen in liquid nitrogen (See CRYONICS). So, if you're reading this online and wondering if we've all gone MAD, don't worry because whilst this may be true, the review about the Gubunco company isn't! It's just a template, and should be regarded as a TEST CARD or like some scaffolding which you see on some kinds of buildings which are being continuously renovated! It's a prototype page which is used for customising. This page should contain the info about the affiliate merchant so that the customers can see the honest truth about the company BEFORE they link to it. It is to be SAVED and CHANGED and CUSTOMISED so that the text reads well. Here, in this next paragraph, is the sort of thing that such an affiliate dedicated page should contain...

In the words of the people at Gubunco themselves "Gubunco gives the best value for money in the business of making widgets, gizmos, gadgets, thingummies, and other interesting consumer-purchasable items which they happen to sell! Gubunco offers affiliates n% commission on stuff they sell - NOTE: miss-out bits that affiliate marketing companies include for us but which don't go in the final version! ...And Gubunco is THE BEST EVER for this that and the other!"

We then pass comment on the words of the company such that a more balanced line is given to the customers if the company has overmarketed their stuff...

Well I've found that Gubunco whatsits are quite good, but you the customer should go and have a look and make your own mind up about them.

And what's more (where appropriate), we have found this, this, and this which is in our experience the informed knowledge about it. And (where it seems like a good idea) you can tell us what you think by e-mail if you like.

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

Link Here To Go To The Place!

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http://www.gubunco.etc affiliate program is with Jo Smith Affiliate Co

If the links and banners on this page work, that's good! Otherwise, here's some help

(the link page is also part of the template and needs customising too. Also note that the final version should not contain references to GUBUNCO as it is only for the template! The word "Gubunco" should be removed last, as a safeguard)

If you are reading this online and the text isn't about a fictitious company called Gubunco, please let us know by e-mail right away! We'll thank you for it!

Also note: This page has nothing to do with Gobango except the similarity of the name! But as far as we know, Gubunco existed first! Also note that it is NOT the same as Gibunco which is a shipping company in Gibraltar. You can see it's different, because the name is spelt differently. So come on Google, stop being so stupid.