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This page originally advertised a guitar shop which used to trade selling guitars and guitar equipment, and you could buy Electric Guitars, Bass Guitars, Guitar Amplifiers, Acoustic Guitars, Guitar Effects, and Professional Audio Equipment, and all kinds of guitar related stuff. We were happy to advertise them, and for them to have the benefit of trade brought to them by this page, but unfortunately the guitar shop in question had an odd short-termist policy on the EPC or suchlike, and couldn't cope with the gradual rise in sales which many merchants on this site have enjoyed. Never mind, because you can visit Guitars Online instead!

Most companies do quite well on this site, some of them spectacularly so, including many famous names! It's based on merit, not on salesmanship. We are in business for the long term view, where year on year, the future looks better and better.

Special note: We have adjusted this page as we like Commission Junction and would like to save them any embarrassment. It's not their fault if one of their merchants doesn't understand affiliate marketing. Most do! We will continue to promote them and will continue to do well!

Freedom of speech is an important right of the individual. Fight for Freedom on the Internet! Historically, people have fought for freedom. The 2nd World War, the War of Independence, Boadicea doing battle against the Romans, etc. It's important to remember this. Networks that support freedom are more likely to get our backing than those that don't! In some parts of the world, criticism is not allowed. I could name a few tyrannies, but I'm sure you can guess the types of places I mean. But those regimes are regarded as "not free". Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. So now take a look in the mirror.

Another thing to consider is that the writer of personal opinions on this website is going to continue writing personal opinions, and this isn't going to be stopped by various kinds of oppressive sanctions or threats against the writer, unless of course the intention is to shoot the writer dead, in which case the writer's estate will publish some of the historical material stored up at this site!

It's important to choose your friends, but perhaps more important to make a careful choice when choosing who to have as your enemies. It's generally much better if people get on nicely with each other. I am a VERY friendly person, and especially good for business if treated well.

Is this page objectionable? No, it's not as objectionable as a picture of a dead rat, and that has become the yardstick of objectionability at this site.