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Halifax Mortgages

featured at Zyra's independent website

Halifax Mortgages , previously described as "the UK’s No.1 mortgage choice" was featured here offering you the chance to take out a new mortgage or to move or switch your mortgage. The Halifax "Always giving you extra" gave you the option of checking their mortgage deals so you could see for yourself if theirs were better than the others. Halifax said "You can be sure of a great deal with Halifax".

Anyway, if you've come to this page to see The Halifax, who we get on well with, you are welcome to have a look at Halifax Home Insurance and Halifax Car Insurance. Or, if you are looking for a mortgage, you are welcome to visit the Loans and Mortgages and shop around for what's best for your own circumstances.

When considering getting a mortgage you have to think carefully and make sure everything is right, because as those helpful people at the FSA will point out "Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage", which is fair enough.

You are reading this material on Zyra's website which is an independent site promoting a wide variety of places including shopping, mortgages, insurance, etc - oodles of things.

We like The Halifax and hope they come back to being promoted here, where they will be made welcome!

http://www.halifax.co.uk/mortgages affiliate program was with OMG UK . However, the program has temporarily closed, we do hope they will start another program again soon. In the meantime, please look at other mortgage providers at this site.

At Zyra's website, quite a lot of work goes into creating these pages, and it's an important feature of Zyra's website that pages remain in the long term and continue to be up, there being an attempt to combine truth, freedom of speech, and good PR, and at the same time keep everyone's nerves intact. The Halifax is a bank, and so it is expected that at some time Halifax Mortgages will be available and this page will be in a good position to tell you about this.

Incidentally, if you receive an e-mail which says it's "from the Halifax", maybe urging you to "verify your identity", Don't! Those e-mails are not from the Halifax and are in fact a scam, as exposed at the page of Bank Hoax Messages

Meanwhile, we are in diplomatic discussions with the (real) Halifax, and hope to resume some affiliate links soon. In the meantime, you are welcome to visit the URL beginning "http" above, and/or have a look at a variety of other Mortgages featured at this site.

To see how much work goes into the page creation here at this affiliate website and how the permanence holds true, take a look at Absolute Solutions whose carefully crafted dedicated page is there to stay, even though the company changed its name to Frontier Finance!