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The Happy Puzzle Company

The learning process needs to be enjoyable, as well as challenging. That is where The Happy Puzzle Company can help, as their products are not only used in schools, but can be bought by families as well.

The Happy Puzzle Company:

"The Happy Puzzle Company offers a fantastic range of over 400 award-winning puzzles, games, challenges and puzzle books to both families and schools.

Started about 19 years ago, owner Gavin Ucko has produced many puzzles and games unique to The Happy Puzzle Company.

The Happy Puzzle Company is a leader in providing educational games, toys and puzzles to schools and other educational establishments.

With specialist experience in helping children with dyslexia, dyspraxia as well as gifted and talented children seeking a greater challenge.

We currently work with over 13,000 schools in the UK".

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Happy Puzzle

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