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HiFiBitZ, Hi-Fi Bitz, HiFi Bitz, The Bits of High Fidelity; you know, a place that sells separates and accessories for Hi-Fi sounds systems, which now of course includes DVD and home cinema and all that jazz. In their own words "HiFiBitZ are the leading on-line retailers of hifi and home cinema separates and accessories. From hifi novice to home cinema expert, you'll find it all here"Hi Fi Bits

And furthermore, (2002/06) HiFiBitZ boast the following: "A huge selection of hifi and home cinema equipment awaits you, over 1200 products to be precise, from 68 manufacturers. Rapidly moving special offers, ex-demonstration kit and rapidly moving prices are the name of the game and it's a game we have been playing successfully for over 2 and a half years now. With over 8000 orders processed we seem to be doing something right!", though I expect that as time goes on those figures will be even bigger!

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:Hi Fi BitsHi Fi Bits


www.hifibitz.co.uk affiliate program was with TradeDoubler and Affiliate Window. 2008/05 the affiliate program has returned with Affiliate Window. Welcome back!

The continuing history of HiFiBitZ !: In July 2006, a message arrived from TradeDoubler saying that HiFi Bitz had "gone into liquidation". Well of course that was sad, but we kept the page up here, and then in November 2006 we learnt that the HiFiBitz company had been bought out by VBA Ltd, and is now a new company under new management, selling HiFi bits and pieces, and is well and truly ALIVE! So that's great news! We're on good terms with the friendly people at VBA Ltd and are connecting up with the new affiliate program! We believe that the company will prosper, so if you are looking for some bits of hifi equipment you might like to visit HiFiBitz and see for yourself what's on offer now the company is back in business. We are good for business for the long term view. 2008/05: Welcome back HiFiBitz! (as a minor point, this also connects with Digital Direct and Sound & Vision)

In case you're interested, towards the end of January 2007 a helpful message came in from HiFiBitZ saying what the best selling items were at the time. They were as follows:

(Manufacturer - Model - Code - Description)
Acoustic Energy Aego T System Home Cinema Speaker System
Dali Concept 6 Floorstanding Speakers
Dali Ikon 6 Speaker Package AV Speaker Package
Dali Mentor Bookshelf Speakers High Quality Bookshelf Speakers
Denon AVR-4306 7-Channel IP Addressable AV Receiver
Denon DVD-1730 HDMI Upscaling DVD-Player, producing HD Levels from Standard DVDs
Denon DVD-1930 HDMI Upscaling DVD-Player, producing HD Levels from Standard DVDs
Denon PMA-500AE 2-Channel Stereo Integrated Amplifier
Fatman iTube Valve Amplifier with Docking Station
MJ Acoustics Reference I Mk III Active Subwoofer
Monitor Audio Bronze BRAV Package AV Speaker Package
Onkyo HTS990 7.1 Channel Receiver/Speaker Package
Partington Super Dreadnought Speaker Stands
Sony ST R-DA1200ES 7-Channel Home Cinema Receiver with HDMI
Toshiba HD-E1 Multi-Format HD DVD Player With Free HDMI Lead
Yamaha DSP-AX759SE 7.1 Channel Digital Home Cinema Amplifier
Yamaha YSP 1100 Intelli-beam' Digital Sound Projector, ideal for 42" flat TV's
Yamaha M170 CD player/DAB radio receiver with speakers

And the New Products & Ranges at the time were:

Splash 17" Waterproof LCD - LCD For The Bathroom
Quad Speakers & Amplifiers High Quality HiFi Speakers & Amplifiers
Beyerdynamic DTX-50 Performance In-ear Headphones
Toshiba ET-20 DLP Projector with Built-In DVD
Mission M64i Floor Standing Speakers
Hi Fi BitsMission M66i Floor Standing Speakers
Mission M62i Book Shelf Speakers
Mission M60i Book Shelf Speakers
Mission M6as Subwoofer

...Sounds impressive?
visit HiFiBitz

Leema Acoustics 2008/05: HiFiBitZ is proud to announce Leema Acoustics as a new addition to our ever growing list of brands. Though new to the world of hi-fi, Leema Acoustics are an old head in professional audio circles. Hi-fi enthusiasts will be more than impressed with not only Leema's exquisite design principles but also the immense audio quality each unit produces.