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HMS Belfast

"HMS Belfast was almost lost a few months after she first saw service, when she was seriously damaged by a magnetic mine. Repairs kept her out of the war for almost three years but - just over a year after re-entering service she saw fearsome action in the Royal Navy's last great battle at sea and was instrumental in sinking the giant German battleship Scharnhorst.

On June 6th 1944, HMS Belfast again made history by firing the opening salvo in support of the D-Day Landings. Afterwards, she remained on station off the Normandy Coast a, her big guns ceaselessly pounding German positions in support of the Allied troops ashore, until she eventually returned to England with her guns worn out.

Today, HMS Belfast is permanently moored on the Thames opposite Tower Bridge as part of the Imperial War Museum, a proud reminder of the glorious days of the ‘big gun’ warship".

This description, and picture, are from the Imperial War Museum Shop, where you can get the picture in the form of a large poster.

In this picture, you may notice the Tower of London (left) and Tower Bridge (right). You can also see the ship in the view of Tower Bridge from London Bridge

Also see Battleship Aurora in St. Petersburg.

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HMS BelfastView from London Bridge