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How to play CHESS

Here are a few helpful hints on how to play CHESS:

Further helpful notes:

On the number of players, TWO is the optimum number for a standard game of chess. If fewer, extreme cunning is required in being able to outsmart yourself. More than two, and the players will settle into teams. In such a situation you are well advised to set yourself up as a team of ONE versus all the others collectively. This gives you a surprising if unexpected advantage.

On the rules of the game, I could go into details here, but there are plenty of worthy people who have explained in great detail and to a greater or lesser clarity the details of the rules of the game of chess. If you can't find any satisfactory explanation of the rules, I have some links entitled The Rules of Chess

Remember that to be able to play chess you do not need to be amazingly clever or intellectual (but it helps). Learning the rules of chess is not difficult.

A good way to win a game of chess is to play chess against someone who is less good at chess-playing than you are.

HAVE FUN! (notice I don't say GOOD LUCK, as one of the things about chess is that luck is not a requirement, and has no part in the game at all. There are games best played by the lucky, but CHESS is not included!)