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HSBC Offshore
The serious business of having an Offshore Bank Account - to be more tax-efficient

If you are looking for a way to have an offshore bank account, this could be just the thing. However, please bear in mind this isn't for everyone. You need to have a reasonably large amount of money, or a high income, but that is likely, surely, if you are looking into such international financial things as having bank accounts offshore? Managing your money in a tax efficient way, that's a good motive. If you are in the high money bracket then you have even more incentive towards the tax benefits of an offshore bank account. It's legit, provided you qualify. Plus, it's reasonably safe and secure, as it is by HSBC (the world's local bank).HSBC - the world's local bank The thing that makes HSBC Offshore different to the average HSBC bank branch in the UK highstreet is this is "offshore", ie not on the UK mainland. It's on the island of Jersey, which is a notable Tax Haven.

You're reading this at Zyra's website. Zyra has become a success by running an online business, and is emigrating for tax purposes. Contacts such as HSBC Offshore and handy to know.

As they say at HSBC Offshore: "HSBC Bank International is the offshore banking provider of the HSBC Group, with its head office based in Jersey. HSBC Bank International has the experience to offer tailored offshore financial solutions to individuals living & working abroad".

You can complete a form and download a Premier Bank Account application, or request a call-back, or apply for an International Bank Account. You don't have to be a millionaire (although it helps). If you're reasonably well-off, and you'd like to have your financial affairs managed in a more tax-efficient way, this is the sort of thing to go for. It helps if you have an International lifestyle, ie you're not stuck in the UK.

At HSBC Offshore they say: "a great product offering great rates and security in an environment of volatile markets and falling rates the peace of mind that comes from being with a bank that:HSBC - the world's local bank

Customers of HSBC Offshore is likely to be: "UK expats, UK inpats and Commonwealth centric individuals, who are not domiciled in the UK ideally have at least 60k of savings available to deposit. They are likely to have an internationally mobile lifestyle".

Now if that's you, then you may have just found what you're looking for.

HSBC are keen to find financially savvy offshore customers, and also inexperienced offshore customers who would like to learn more about the benefits of offshore banking, plus offshore customers whose main priority is security and are therefore looking for a safe home for their money.

HSBC - the world's local bankHSBC Bank International has the experience to offer tailored offshore financial solutions to individuals living & working abroad. To find out more about the Offshore bank account - with HSBC Premier and the Offshore Current Account, here are/were the links:


http://www.offshore.hsbc.com/1/2/international/offshore-banking/tax-benefits etc affiliate program is with Commission Junction. Although this page has been bunged up for now, please note that you are welcome to type in (or copy & paste) the web address at the beginning of this line. It's been left in as a matter of public information.

Banking offshore could offer you tax efficient accounts and investments, depending on your situation.

Links were http://www.jdoqocy.com/click-779027-10694167 a while ago.

* We are on speaking terms with the helpful people at HSBC Offshore, and it would be nice to have the affiliate links on here, but sadly this website has been expelled from the affiliate program because of the Compliance Department. This is despite the fact that I have pointed out the clear distinction between tax avoidance and tax evasion. Although wording such as 'potential tax savings', 'tax efficiency', and 'tax benefits' are regarded as safer in the unfortunate political climate of early 2010. I can sympathise with HSBC's Compliance Department at the time with the UK government moving the goalposts (ie untrustworthy), but nevertheless there is a fact that many people would prefer to reduce the amount of tax they have to pay. Zyra, the affiliate who runs this website Zyra.org.uk is, at this time (2010/05), putting into effect an entirely legit tax avoidance solution involving 40ft shipping containers being moved thousands of miles, and setting up home in a different country. See you in Panama!

I would have thought that being a tax exile and having personal experience would make this site a "must have" for the affiliate program. So, I look forward to HSBC's Compliance Department improving their education and learning about this brave new world we live in on the Internet, a world in which free speech and freedom to vote with your feet, is the way. Their education may be helped by reading about avoidance not evasion, the distinction between merchant content and affiliate content, a review about The FSA, the idea of escaping to a tax haven, and other intriguing articles at this site! I look forward to receiving an invitation, at some future time, from HSBC Offshore, to being invited back on to their affiliate program.

Update: See other Offshore Bank Accounts as we now have other tax exile resources which are live!