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HyperOs is a clever system that allows you to run multiple operating systems and multiple versions of Windows operating systems on your computer. It has some Linux-compatibility, but the main idea is to get around some of the unfriendliness in Microsoft Windows which tends to crash unpredictably and/or cannibalistically destroys other versions of Windows on your computer. Yes, you too can get around this now, and without having to do drastic things with hardware like I do! Here's what those friendly people at HyperOs say: "The world“s most advanced operating system manager & multiplier. What does that do you may ask? It allows you up 20 windows operating systems on 1 hard drive (computer). You can back-up and restore whole windows systems very quickly & switch between systems at the click of a mouse. If a windows systems crashes beyond repair, you can restore a copy of that system in minutes and be back where you started - no tedious reinstallation necessary! This is a great application for anyone who is a heavy computer user from web designers, gamers, music makers, businesses and anyone looking to overcome problems such as overloading their 1 operating system computer, driver conflicts and who want multiple windows operating systems of different types on their computer. Hyperos allows the user to maximise the potential of their hardware and load a lot more software than a one windows systems would ever allow".

Special note: We are reliably informed that HyperOs is compatible with Linux as a multi-boot, and will be fully Linux-compatible by the First Quarter of 2003.

News: "HyperOs 2004 is launched! It's faster, it's simpler, it's more powerful and it runs Linux". Here's more info supplied by Hyperos:

"We have finally launched HyperOs 2004. It is the least advertised but best version of HyperOs we have so far produced. Multi Windows computing has never been simpler, and Windows can now be married to Linux without any arguments. Here are the features:

Extra update 2004:

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Sent: Wednesday, April 14, 2004 5:48 AM
Subject: HyperOs 2004SE s11 (s22) & Hyper Drive II

Latest News From HyperOS Systems Website (2004):

Press release HyperOS 2004SE s11 (s22)

Runs your original Windows system and up to 10 s11 (20 s22) more Real Visible copies of Windows 95 OSR2, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, The Server 2003 family, Longhorn Alpha and in addition as many versions of Linux (Red Hat, Mandrake or SuSE) as you like on one PC and on one hard disk.

Just add LINUX!

You can keep your existing windows installation and either clone it or add any other Windows or Linux OS.

All Operating Systems can access data on all partitions (If the OS can recognise the file system of the Partition). HyperOs does not hide any partitions.

Double click fire and forget system swapping (as with HyperOs 2003).

Copy, image, backup, restore, zip and unzip a whole Operating System with a drag and drop (as with HyperOs 2003).

HyperOs 2004SE can clone your original Windows system on C to any other drive letter. HyperOs 2003 can only clone it to E and above.

HyperOs 2004SE can copy any Windows OS to any partition and run it from that new partition. It can restore an image of a Windows system to any drive letter and run it from that new drive letter. It does this by automatically re-referencing the drive letters in the Windows registry and other files to run from the new driver letter. HyperOs 2003 could also do this with all drive letters other than C. HyperOs 2004SE can do it with C as well.

HyperOs 2004SE instant system wiper, deletes an entire Operating System with one key stroke (as with HyperOs 2003).

HyperOs swaps systems without multibooting. It runs all Windows systems and Linux systems from logical partitions. Only your C: drive is primary and bootable. Your PC will boot as normal to C, then HyperOs redirects the boot process to the Logical partition containing your chosen Operating System.

HyperOs 2004SE has improved system switching speed and improved start up speed compared to HyperOs 2003.

HyperOs 2004SE no longer employs drive substitution to fire up Windows 95 98 Me as HyperOs 2003 did. This means that HyperOs 2004SE always reboots when swapping between Operating Systems.

HyperOs 2004SE no longer reserves the D drive for itself. You can put any Operating System on D you like.

HyperOs 2004SE has a few minor bug fixes over HyperOs 2003. No customer has reported a bug in HyperOs 2003 in the last 6 months. But we have found a few, and we have added a couple of new technical features. The HyperOs 2K/XP/2003 Microsoft default drive letter reassignment routine can now omit all drive letters above a given drive letter if required. Winmove is now a Windows app rather than a console app, so it no longer appears everytime Windows starts up.

HyperOs 2004SE is now as intuitive as it can be. One just adds another OS as normal using the HyperOs wizards and uses it as normal in all circumstances. The new Os can be another Windows or any mainstream version of Linux (Red Hat, Mandrake or SuSE).

Press Release Hyper Drive II:

The HyperDrive II is quite simply a Hard Disk made out of DRAM. It therefore connects and performs like an impossibly fast Hard Disk. Here are the technical specs:

Half height CDROM form factor.

Connects just like a Hard Disk or a CDROM.

2GB or 3GB capacities.

Reads and writes data over 30x faster than a Hard Disk.

ATA 33 Bus, which provides a true 31.5MB per second sustained data throughput to and from the HyperDrive II.

Retains data when the PC is restarted or shutdown by having an independent power supply connected to the main PC power lead through a PCI slot blanking plate.

Integral 160 minute 7.2v battery back up to cover electricity board power outages (1250 milliamp hours - on board trickle charge unit takes 48 hours fully to charge).

Bootable IDE device.

Can be destructively reformatted (The HyperDrive II can perform a full format almost instantly).

Far more reliable than a Hard Disk (no head crashes and no moving parts).

Gramophone free design - no mechanics, pure silicon!


A good hard disk can do around 40,000 stops and starts at 40 degrees centigrade (Hitachi/IBM Deskstar 180GXP). The HyperDrive II doesn't mind how many stops and starts it does because it has no moving parts.

The fastest hard disks today with ATA133 Buses provide a sustained data rate between 20 and 55 MB per second depending where the data is on the mechanical rotating platter. This figure is around the same as the HyperDrive II with an ATA33 Bus. But the seek time for the HyperDrive II is at the silicon level (microseconds) rather than the mechanical magnetic level (milliseconds). So the read and write times for the HyperDrive II are over 30x faster than a Hard Disk. This translates into the following real world benefits:

The HyperDrive II will run Windows 95 OSR2, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, The Server 2003 family, Longhorn Alpha and in addition Linux (Red Hat, Mandrake or SuSE) together with their applications entirely in RAM.

XP installs on an HyperDrive II in around 10 minutes, rather than the 40 minutes that it takes to install on a Hard Disk.

'Instant' Desktop.

'Instant' on, after the BIOS and Hardware checks.

Vast performance increases for IO intensive applications such a Graphics, Games, Audio processing, Video processing, large Databases, and large Spreadsheets etc. (You can run Windows, your applications and your data all on the HyperDrive II or use the HyperDrive II as an extremely fast scratch disk).

If you wish to protect the HyperDrive II from very long power cuts you can connect a standard (30 minutes at 250W) consumer UPS to the external power supply transformer. This will power the HyperDrive II for around 30 hours given the low power consumption of the HyperDrive II (around 2 Watts per GB).

The HyperDrive II comes complete with a 3-year manufacturers warranty.


2GB drive £499 $799

3GB drive £699 $1199

Regards Affiliate Support, HyperOS Systems.


http://www.hyperos2002.com affiliate program was with Affiliate Window

At the start of 2008, the HyperOS affiliate program ended at Affiliate Window. Of course you can still type the URL in, and it's included on this page to help. The friendly people at HyperOS are still sending out interesting messages whose hyperbolic literary style is a treasure to behold! On the affiliate program, I would guess it will resume at some point, either at Affiliate Window or at one of the other Affiliate Marketing Companies. There may yet be news on this. Watch this space.

2012: As far as we know, HyperOs is still on the go.