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Igloo Kids

We like sites with an eclectic range, as this site is an eclectic mixture of all sorts of stuff! So, we recommend you take a look at Igloo Kids!

Igloo Kids:

"Igloo offers an eclectic range of products which appeal to both children and parents alike - the type of goods that can't be bought in the big chains.

Igloo caters for new-born to 8 year old boys and girls.

The range is high quality modern and innovative at affordable prices. Igloo customers want to buy something that is a little bit different, stylish and engaging for their children but don't want to pay the earth for it. So, as well as stocking known brands, Igloo actively seeks out interesting and different products from around the world.

The Igloo range is constantly evolving".

If you have been tempted by this, here's WAS the link:


Igloo Kids

http://www.iglookids.co.uk affiliate program was with BUY AT

Another mysteriously disappearing and bunged up affiliate program. Without explanation, this just ended up redirected to Buy.at's own site, which is a shame really. Customers, if you'd like to have a look at the Igloo Kids site, the web address is in the predeeding line. Or, you can visit other kids stuff sites here. We hope that Igloo Kids will have a new affiliate program at one of the places we can sign up to.