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If you wish to express your disdain for Google, now is your chance. If you feel you have been alienated by Google because Google In Google We (no longer) Trustno longer respects your quality website, join the club!

I feel especially offended by Google, because it used to be that we could trust Google, and now... well, what do you think?

After those ridiculous Google updates where they prefer short-term flashy stuff to long-term reliable content, plagiarists to original creators, and websites with only a few pages to websites that have put a lot of work into creating vast numbers of pages, the writing is on the wall.

No longer does Google deserve to be on the banknotes, as it's not got everyone's support, and also it is not infallible. I have created these banners to symbolise the irony.In Google We (no longer) Trust

You are welcome to use these "IN GOOGLE WE (no longer) TRUST" banners if you give me an attribution link. That's not a lot to ask. I am Zyra and my website is www.zyra.org.uk

You can also link to any of the pages because the whole site has a proper deep-linking policy.

The banners which say "In Google We no longer Trust" are available in a variety of sizes.In Google We (no longer) Trust

Before people believed in Google, people believed in God. I take requests, and if there's folk who would like "In GOD We No Longer Trust", the image can be created here. It's a relatively easy piece of graphic juxtaposition. You're welcome to write in. Please don't write in with any religious stuff because I've heard it before and it's not convincing. Also, if you believe something, that's up to you. People believe in different things, which is also why it's so crass to make some claim that "We the people" believe in one thing.