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About the free webspace at

Interior World Decor Magazine

They genuinely DO give you twenty megabytes of webspace, FREE. But the catch is, you have to promise to allow advertising. Some of the advertising is for Interior World magazine, which is fair enough, but some of it is for the gambling company iWin and a few other companies. These now include a new MLM scheme which I am not happy about.

I am not linking to this anymore.

To see what a website looks like on Interiorworld.com, I have created myself a page there and you can take a look and see what you think. It's at http://zyra.interiorworld.com

2002/08/13 My advice on this is to join ISPs which are FREE and DO NOT HAVE ADVERTISING. Some of these can be seen at the ISPs Page

Making money is fair enough, but the scheme at Interior World looked very much like a pyramid scheme, and these are a problem because not everyone has the commonsense to realise they are likely to lose money.