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The town of Ipswich is a British town just up the river from Felixtowe and Harwich, those notable sea ports. Ipswich is a place with some curious history, and although it's not a touristy place, it's been improved in various ways in recent times. Here are a few notable links to some contacts in Ipswich, or about Ipswich in other ways:

Ipswich Society

Ipswich Council

Ipswich Town Football Club


Note the spelling. It's Ipswich, not Ipswitch, and isn't connected as far as we know with Ipswitch FTP

Another thing about Ipswich: It's a place which has that quality of being a default location to name-drop! In that way it has a parallel with Timbuktu. Even people who've never been to Ipswich or Timbuktu tend to mention those places in odd contexts.

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