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Jessops 10% off special offer at Zyra's website

The Historical Page: How to get a special discount at
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A long while ago, the famous photographic retailer Jessops, extended a special privilege to Zyra's affiliate website, in the form of a voucher code. Please note that this was an honour for a good reliable website, and not anything like the type of roguery which voucher codes have more recently become associated with (similar to PPC and SPAM).

Jessops even created a special co-branded banner, which you can see on this page. The offer was to last indefinitely, and so it was worth creating a dedicated page for it.

Remember, this was at the time of the Canon EOS 350D, and during a particularly prosperous time. It was also before the widespread deplorable behaviour of some sites brought voucher codes into disrepute.

In my own words at the time, I said "Here at Zyra's website, online prosperity is good, and it's especially good for some companies. Jessops the famous photographic shop online does especially well here and they have given us a special discount code for you to use so you can get ten percent off a great many photographic items at Jessops.

If you're wondering why Zyra's website has been given this special privilege, the answer can be seen in the fact that this site is good for business. A lot of people like it and buy a lot of stuff through affiliate links here. So, in recognition of that, Jessops have given us this special discount code".Jessops

And then there were the actual instructions for the code. These were...

"How You Can Use the special Zyra/Jessops Discount Code:

Firstly, read what the conditions are (so you know what's included and what's excluded, etc), then go to Jessops and put in your online order, and then put the voucher code in the box at the online checkout.

The voucher code is: ZYRA10PC

Just put that code in, in the right place, and Jessops will genuinely give you 10% off. However, there are some exclusions which you must be aware of:

* This offer is only available online at Jessops Online and is not available in any of the Jessops stores on the highstreets. Even if you print the page out and take it into the shop, they'll not give you the 10%. It's not worth trying this. On similar offers, some people have even been known to cut the bit off that says "offer only available online, not in stores", and this has not got them the discount. So, to sum that up: It's got to be for sales ONLINE.

* These vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, voucher or e-voucher. Now this means that you can't have the "10 off for the summer when you spend 150" AND the Zyra discount code. You can have either one or the other. It's up to you, but a quick calculation shows that ten percent off is always better than 10 in 150. So, my advice on this is to use the code ZYRA10PC rather than the other offer you might see at the Jessops site, as you should get a better discount by making the right choice. There's a good reason WHY the special discount is better here; it's only available selectively, as you're at this site. In contrast the other offer is available to everyone who goes to the Jessops site.

* This offer excludes the Digital SLR cameras, Flatscreen TVs, Fujitsu Siemens PC's, Camera Phones, Gift Vouchers and Top-Up cards. ... "Oh shucks! Well I was going to buy a Canon EOS350D and try to get 10% off!". Never mind, as you can still get 10% off the tripod, the extra memory card, the snazzy case, the extension cable, the remote, and oodles of other things which you'll sooner or later need. Besides, Jessops price is still best, as they'll beat their competition, as explained at the footnote on the page about Jessops. Other exclusions, well you can't expect to get a discount on gift vouchers, can you? As for flat screen TVs, PCs, and Camera Phones, you can still get 10% off the optional extras, so it still represents a worthwhile saving. Anyway, the offer still includes most digital cameras, digital camcorders, and visual image capture equipment in general. Incidentally, even though the Fuji FinePix looks like an SLR, it isn't really an SLR, so you might be able to get this discount on it.Jessops 10% off special offer at Zyra's website

So, bearing in mind these conditions, if you'd like a discount for a wide variety of high-tech stuff at Jessops, copy the code ZYRA10PC , visit the online store JESSOPS, and put the code in at the checkout.

That's an official co-branding banner made by Jessops for use at Zyra.org.uk online. The Jessops Group Ltd, JessopsJessop House, Scudamore Road, Leicester, LE3 1TZ, affiliate program is with TradeDoubler, and Zyra's website is www.zyra.org.uk with the Shopping Portal at www.zyra.org.uk/shopping.htm"

And then there was the link to go to the place. Of course you can still visit Jessops Camera Shop at this site, and we still get on well with them. However, as far as I can tell, the voucher code has GONE, Jessopsand they did not tell us. What happened was that there was a change of staff at Jessops, and a different person in charge of the affiliate marketing, and after that change there wasn't the level of communication.

The code ceased to be 10% and became 5%, and then a bit later it disappeared.

Update 2008: For one thing it appears that the offer has changed, so it's a pity they didn't let me know. Last time I looked it was 5%, but that's still well worth having. The other news is that VOUCHER CODES have become generally a problem online, as they are being given away indiscriminately. In such a situation, you the customer don't save anything because the companies are pre-discounting anyway, and, the whole voucher code problem erodes the quality of the market and brings the game into disrepute. So, although having an offer would be good, these things are no good when everyone's giving them away. This may be the last voucher code you see at Zyra's website, as I am putting up a protest against voucher codes !

Update 2009: Beware of false claims made by disreputable websites where they state there are "voucher codes at Zyra's website". Some even make tangible statements such as "10% off when you spend more than 100 dollars". The idea is that everything at Zyra's site is discounted. Such claims are entirely false, and should be treated with the disrespect allocated to bank hoaxes where rogues and scamsters pretend to be the bank in order to get your password. In cases of coupon sites, voucher code sites, etc, they have been known to misrepresent this site as a method of cheating to push other sites via their own affiliate links. If you see this going on, the correct procedure to deal with it is: 1. Write to the site making the false claims. 2. Write to the affiliate marketing company and put a complaint in. Remember: VOUCHER CODES are a problem