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The John Lewis List
for Expenses Allowable for Members of Parliament

This is the famous John Lewis List which is a list of guide prices for the sorts of things members of Parliament typically put in expense claims for. The John Lewis List was originally created so that the clerks and accountants at the House of Commons could keep track of MPs expense claims and have a clear ruling on when they were going a bit far. However, there are some interesting other conclusions which can be drawn from the list. It's nice to see that British MPs are well paid and are allowed an upper middle class lifestyle on expenses. It's a shame this comes out of your TAX bill, but it wouldn't do if MPs were expected to live on the minimum wage. Also, the whole scenario of the John Lewis List is an interesting insight into democracy. It is a Parliamentary belief that everything that's done by Parliament is democratic, in line with the wishes of the people. So, people vote, MPs get in, and MPs can then claim all these good things, and the Parliamentary logic is that this is all with the democratic blessing of the people. Another thing shown by the John Lewis List is what a fine place John Lewis is! If your home is appointed with fittings and furnishings from that splendid establishment, then you can live well and enjoy a lifestyle akin to that of the members of Parliament.

Additional Costs Claims Guide
(the “John Lewis List”)

Staff are instructed to use the list as a guide when assessing whether purchases are
allowable under Green Book section 3.14.1 – non-allowable expenditure:
“furnishings (inc white goods, TV/DVD) or fittings which are antique, luxury or
premium grade”, and section 3.10.1 – allowable expenditure: “Members should
avoid purchases which could be seen as extravagant or luxurious”.

Costings For ACA John Lewis * John Lewis came out top of all retail
shops February 2007 issue of Which
Magazine. Taking account of cost,
customer service and the variety of
goods available.
Air conditioning unit 299.99 Max 1st April 06
Bed 1,000.00 Max 1st April 06
Bedside cabinet 100.00 Max 29th March 06
Book case/shelf 200.00 Max 29th March 06
Bookcase/cabinet 500.00 Max 29th March 06
Carpet 35.00 Sq. Mtr.
Carpet fitting 6.50 Sq. Mtr.
Coffee maker/machine 100.00 Max 21st June 06
Coffee table 250.00 Max 29th March 06
Dining arm chairs each 150.00 Max 8th March 06
Dining chairs each 90.00 Max 8th March 06
Dining table 600.00 Max 8th March 06
Dishwasher 375.00 Max 28th March 06
Drawer chest (5) 500.00 Max 6th April 06
Dressing table 500.00 Max 29th March 06
Dry cleaning both personal and household are allowable within reasonable limits
Food mixer 200.00 Max 18th Nov 05
Freestanding mirror 300.00 Max 29th March 06
Fridge/freezer combi 550.00 Max 28th March 06
Gas cooker 650.00 Max 21st July 06
Hi Fi/stereo 750.00 Max 04/05
Installation of new bathroom


Max 6th April 06
Installation of new kitchen 10,000.00 Max 04/05
Lamp table 200.00 Max 29th March 06
Nest of tables 200.00 Max 29th March 06
Recordable DVD 270.00 Max 07/08
Rugs 300.00 each 16th March 06
Shredder 50.00 Max 31st October 06
Sideboard 795.00 Max 15th May 06
Suite of furniture 2,000.00 Max 1st October 05
Television set 750.00 Max 04/05
Tumble dryer 250.00 Max 04th April 06
Underlay (basic) 6.99 Sq. Mtr. 29th March 07
Wardrobe 700.00 Max 29th March 07
Washer dryer 500.00 Max 03th April 06
Washing machine 350.00 Max 04th April 06
Wooden flooring/carpets 35.00 Per Sq. Mtr. 29th March 07
Workstation 150.00 Max 31st October 06

Personal items not allowed for example: hairdryers or hairstylers- shavers- toothbrushes, toiletries and bathrobes 05/06

Any form of payment protection or illness cover is not claimable from ACA in relation to mortgage payments. 05/06

In order for a member to claim the mortgage interest against his ACA home his/her name must appear on the mortgage. Feb 05/05

Garden furniture such as patio sets , loungers and barbecues are not allowed 04/05

Basic garden maintenance is allowed, but plants, shrubs, flowers, hanging baskets or other decorations etc are not. 04/05

As at 13 March 2008


The John Lewis List is quoted from a document found within www.parliament.uk , namely http://www.parliament.uk/documents/upload/HofCClaimsGuide.pdf

The list has been reproduced by The BBC and other worthy news broadcasters. Therefore we can presume the document to be in the public domain and/or allowed for public use. It is certainly in the public good to have it made known rather than kept secret.

You are reading this at Zyra's website which is a helpful eccentric website with a keen interest in libertarianism, doing good in the world, and participating in the free market economy. Zyra's website has affiliate links with a great many shopping places and in this particular context a link to John Lewis! So if you'd like to buy things online there and enjoy the highlife, now's your chance.

Well Done to John Lewis for taking advantage of the zeitgeist and creating The John Lewis Gift List.

In case you're wondering, Horse Manure is not on the John Lewis List. That would be in the Gardening category anyway, and if members of Parliament wish to claim for it, it's up the them.