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Jomodo Kids

Quality items for children and the nursery at Jomodo Kids. Great brands from around the world, at affordable prices - ready for despatch.

Jomodo Kids:

"jomodoKiDS.com was established to let customers spend more time with the Kids rather than in the shops.

Our aim is to offer the broadest range of the best Nursery and Children's products at the most attractive prices with the speediest and most efficient service.

Can you never find what you are looking for? Our aim is to provide you with the biggest selection of the best nursery and children's products available. Our rigorous product selection ensures you will find all the latest products from quality brands around the world. We have millions of pounds worth of stock ready for dispatch so there is no waiting around for delivery.

Our best selling products include:

- Entire nursery range

- Room suitesJomodo Kids

- Cot beds

- High chairs

- Travel cots

- Push chairs".

Here's where the link was, and you used to be able to link through to the place. I've nothing against the Jomodo Kids company, and the link has gone because the affiliate program ended, although I was a bit dischuffed that a huge pop-up banner for Argos would come up, and it was a bit odd because it was competing with their own lines. (see how to get rid of pop-ups). If you want to visit Argos you can visit them via the links to Argos here!

http://www.jomodokids.com affiliate program was with Webgains. If the affiliate program returns at some time it would be nice to get the links connected up again here! It will be a "Welcome Back!"

In the meantime our friends at Webgains have helpfully commented "Alternative merchants to Jomodo Kids are:

The Kids Window
More T Vicar

Extreme Direct
Under 5

Well I'm not sure I would describe all of those as alternative to Jomodo Kids, but you can have a look and see what you think.