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Kowabunga Technologies Affiliate Program Consulting

Kowabunga, makers of the MyAffiliateProgram system, are worth getting in touch with if you're thinking about setting up your own affiliate program. Here's what they say "Get expert advice and direction to guide you to Affiliate Program success, or sit back and let us take the reins. As a leader in Affiliate Marketing, KowaBunga! Technologies has developed highly effective strategies for recruiting, managing and motivating Affiliates. With one of our Consulting Packages, we'll teach you these strategies and show you how to put them to work in program. With an Outsourced Management Package, your Affiliate Program will be completely hands-free as we apply our strategies to your program ourselves."

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

LINK HERE TO GO TO THE PLACE! - was http://www.myaffiliateprogram.com/u/a2/u/myap/t.asp?id=13000

You can also opt-in for... http://www.myaffiliateprogram.com/u/a2/u/oip/t.asp?id=13000 - Opt-In Pro (Opt-In Pro is an amazing suite of online marketing software designed to help you create, manage and grow strong relationships with your prospects, customers, subscribers and other contacts)

http://www.myaffiliateprogram.com affiliate program is with... guess who? - was http://www.myaffiliateprogram.com/u/a2/u/myap/t.asp?id=13000

This has now GONE. The affiliate links to an affiliate company have GONE. What does that tell you?

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