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Kenco - the Coffee company 0808 100 8787 uk

Kenco Fish - tropical aquarium supplies - - lost to cybersquatters

Kenco Door - Kenco of Pinellas County Inc., a commercial door company in Florida

Kenco Computers - computer company in USA

Kenco - long-established firm in the business of excavators and industrial plant equipment

Kenco Engineering - liquid level gauge specialists

Kenco Plumbing - was

Kenco Labels


Kencover (was - electric fence manufacturers



A while ago there was a company trying to sell the site name registration claiming there were over a hundred different companies round the world called Kenco. It is undoubtedly true that there are a lot of companies called Kenco, but there are plenty of domains other than ".com", some of which look better. Diversity, not exclusion, is the way forward. So, one way to reduce the problem is to List all the companies Here and to encourage them all to link to here. That way no-one will be excluded, and the customer will always find what they are looking for.

If your company is called Kenco, or you yourself are called Kenco, you can get yourself included on this list. It's cheaper than registering an Internet name, and it's fairer. If someone is looking for You, and they know you're called Kenco, they'll find you here and link to Your Site! e-mail here

For more about the solution to the philosophical engineering problem, link to a more detailed account. See: The "Kenco" problem