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The KENCO problem

Some time ago I was looking for the website of Kenco Coffee, and found someone had raced them to the name and was selling it off to the highest bidder. According to them, there were "over a hundred" companies in the world called "Kenco" and only one of them can in the end be www so offers were invited in excess of $7500. It has to be said in favour of all the many rightful owners of the name Kenco that for some considerable time offers continued to total Zero.

In the interests of freedom of knowledge, I can tell you now that the actual site name of Kenco Coffee company is: , and it is also worth mentioning that there is a review (however scant) of the company here at the page called Kenco. Now, many years later, I see that one of the many Kencos of the world have got the domain so it has at last gone to a good home. I've nothing against the undoubtedly reputable heavy plant company called Kenco who have become , but of course there are many other Kenco companies. So, here's the list of places named Kenco

Note that "Kenco" is used here purely as an Example. I'm sure there are many other names and companies and entities who have this type of problem. Some of these are listed on the List of Names here.

What's wrong with the ongoing domain name fiasco:

Proposed possible solutions to the problem:

In the initial creation of the Free Association machine, one of the things which was guarded against was Displacementism. Storage in the philosophical conceptual domain requires this to not be a problem. This was solved and it was found to be always possible to find what was being looked for by means of associative linking, the structure having been carefully thought out with consideration of reasonableness.

The method in the case of the Kenco Problem would be much simpler than many of the philosophical engineering problems found on Free Association. The method would be to have a list of all the rightful Kencos, linking to all of them, and for each one a Unique node which then has a reciprocal link with the website of the company/entity concerned.

I am willing to help here. If you have a name which you would like to be freed from the problem of displacementism, or would like to generally see a better quality of conceptualisation on the Net, we may be able to do something, especially now the list of Names in this non-exclusivist list is increasing, more notably since the creation of

Also worth mentioning that some work against the ".com" exclusivist problem is being done by the people proposing .TV domains. See