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King Jackpot UK

Pay a visit to the KingJackpot UK website and see if you can be lucky. Do not bet more than you can afford to lose though!

King Jackpot UK:

"King Jackpot UK offers online multiplayer Bingo along with the most popular Video Slots and Video Poker.

Players are able to walk and chat to other players in a 3D virtual world.

New players are offered 10 free - no deposit is required to try out the games.

First time purchasing players are offered 100% bonus up to 100. Players are also awarded 20-40% ongoing reload bonuses to all purchases.

With new great looking graphics and 24/7 friendly support, King Jackpot delivers pleasurable gaming for online players".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


King Jackpot UK

www.kingjackpot.co.uk affiliate program was with DGM PRO but has now had to be bunged up

Shucks! We have gone to the trouble of creating a nice page for King Jackpot UK, connected up from the page of Gambling and the Casino page as well, and now, just as we were getting ready to put the links up and to publish the page on the new issue of this site (Issue125), the links have gone and we hear that the affiliate program has ENDED! Surely not? Well that's not very good for business, is it? So now what? Well of course, customers are welcome to type in the web address which is published for information purposes just under that banner, or there are other Gambling and Casino pages at this site. It seems a shame that King Jackpot UK should miss out so, though. Well, there's still King Jackpot, and there's also King Lotto, and also King Com (no relation of Mozilla). These are all gambling places, unlike King & Allen who are bespoke suit tailors. All of the Kings in the Gambling sector seem to have different shaped crowns, so I suspect they may be not of the same court. In fact, they might possibly be rival kings, like in chess