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This is a fish and chip shop in BOSTON, Lincolnshire, UK, where it was possible to get GLUTEN-FREE* FISH and CHIPS on request. (See special definition of what I mean at the end of this page). As of June 2004 the shop was under new management, and there is apparently no longer any understanding of the Coeliac business.

The discovery that it is possible to get gluten-free fish and chips* is important, because previously it was not possible for anyone with this gluten food intolerance problem to eat normal fish and chips from a fish and chip shop, and anyone who'd been diagnosed as having coeliac disease had to give up on such luxuries as FISH AND CHIPS. The Story

Kings Fish & Chips, 35 Horncastle Road, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE21 9JA, UK. Telephone UK 01205 362962

* Special Definition of "Gluten Free" here: I'm a coeliac. I have coeliac disease. I'm on a prescription gluten-free diet. If I eat even small amounts of normal bread/wheat/gluten I get ill. However I CAN eat such things as Rice Krispies, and the fish and chips from Kings Fish and Chips specially made using Trufree gluten-free flour, but cooked in the same oil as other fish with batter. I survive well with this, but it has to be mentioned it's not gluten free by the definition of the Codex Alimentarius and various other definitions, some of which may be more fussy.

Note that my definition doesn't mean it's ok for you if you've got coeliac disease. It might be ok, or it might not be. You've got to weigh it up for yourself. Different people have different levels of intolerance to gluten. Neither I nor the fish shop take any liability for this. However in my honest expression of personal experience I have found it ok, and so have some other coeliacs I know who have tried it. Plus, experiments into gluten-free fish and chips are not unique, and subsequent to this long-standing page, there have been other gluten-free takeaway food projects. This is good, because it encourages more coeliac awareness in society.

If you are looking for gluten-free fish and chips in Boston Lincolnshire, now that Kings Fish & Chips have stopped providing it, you could try Eagles Fish & Chips - phone Boston 01205 364458.