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The Ladbrokes company, famous for being Ladbrokes Bookies, is now in the online entertainment business, offering you the chance to play games in which your skill and luck will see you win money, or lose money, depending on how well you do! Some of the games are classic, such as Backgammon, and some are online participatory versions of famous tv game shows such as Deal or No Deal. There are also virtual slot machines and other online amusements. The important thing about this is that gaming is supposed to be fun.

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Is Ladbrokes Poker a game?

This is an expanding business, and here's hoping it all turns out well. The thing with the games is that you take part. If it was a horse race, then if you're a punter rather than a jockey, the best you can do is try to decide which horse is going to win and get the best odds you can. But with these online games at Ladbrokes, you the customer are asked to get in the saddle and do your best. Even if you're not an odds-on favourite, it's a hands-on experience!

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The Ladbrokes company now has an independent affiliate program